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FleXstorm PURE Permanent Inlet Filter - Small Rectangular

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18 Inch by 18 Inch Permanent Catch Basin Inlet Filter.

FleXstorm PURE inlets are permanent install drain catch basin units. Durably designed the catch basin insert can be left in place for up to 10 years with minimal periodic maintenance of the cleaning out filter bag.

Each unit is comprised of stainless steel metal housing and a woven filter bag. The bag can be adapted to your specific filtration needs.

Applications where Permanent Inlet Protection can commonly be found:

Car Washes, Parking Lots, Gas Stations, Commercial Drains, Maintenance Facilities, Loading Ramps, &  Dock Drains. 

In order to get a quote we must have the appropriate product code. If you don't have the exact code spec'd on a project plan then please use the following FleXstorm automated configurator then contact us with the code that is produced. we'll be able to get you a quote from that code ASAP. FleXstorm Product Configurator>

*Please call the manufacturer at 1-800-821-6710 for pricing and availability.


  • Model: 62SHDFX
  • Filter Frame Material:  Primary: Polyethylene monofilament
  • Filter Bag: Woven Bag (FX), Leaf Litter & Non-woven options available upon request
  • Size : Small - up to 16" x 16" rectangular,
    circular drain, and larger sizes available 
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  • Volume Pricing Available on Large Orders 
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FleXstorm Inlet Filters - IN ACTION


  • Configurable: steel frames configured and guaranteed to fit ANY storm drainage structure
  • Prevent siltation and pollution of rivers, lakes, and ponds
  • Reduce jobsite flooding and keep projects running
  • Prevent hazardous road icing conditions by eliminating ponding at curb inlets
  • Minimize residential complaints with cleaner, dryer streets during all construction phases
  • Significantly reduce cleanup costs
  • Oil Pouch and Oil "Absorb-It" filtration options available

Additional Accessories:

FleXstorm can be customized with the addition of the Oil Pouch filter bag or with the inclusion of the "Absorb-It" carbon trapping particles that capture and remove 99% of Total Suspended Solids


  • Stainless Steel filter framing is custom configured to fit perfectly into any drainage structure, whether a standard design or obstructed inlet opening
  • Filtered Flow Rates and Ultimate Bypass Rates are designed to meet your specific inlet requirements
  • Multiple Filter Bags are available targeting site specific removal of trash, litter, leaves, or small particles, oil and grease
  • Filters work below grade with an ultimate bypass allowing inlet area to drain with a full bag
  • Units install in seconds and are easily maintained with the FleXstorm Universal Removal Tool
    (no heavy machinery required) 


Installation is as easy as removing the drain grate, clearing any obstructions and lowering in the filter frame into the drain

Periodic maintenance is required and can be easily handled by vacuming or dumping out out the drain filter bags.

FleXstorm PURE Product Brochure Download
FleXstorm Catch-It Lite Product Brochure Download


  • All items ship for free (standard ground, see map)
  • Call: (800) 604-5537 for pricing and shipping questions.

 Due to current product demand 3-5 Business days lead time can be expected from the date of order until final delivery. 


*Contiguous 48 States Only 


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