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Nyloplast PVC Drain Basin

by ADS

8" Drain Basin (5ft tall) with round grate.  Fits 4" thru 8" outlets.  Note: risers to be supplied for any structures over 84" tall. 

Nyloplast® Drain Basins are used as a central collection point where two or more drain lines converge. Basins can provide a transition between different sizes and types of pipe, and can also change the elevation or direction of the pipe. Drain Basins are also beneficial when faced with shallow pipe burial applications.

The Heavy Duty Applications are:

Subdivisions, Primary and Secondary Roads, Parking Lots, Interstates, Heavy Industrial & Commercial sites, & Inlet and Outlet stormwater control 

In order to get a quote we must have engineering or shop drawings of the needed drain basin with designated dimensions and specs as every project is custom. If you don't have a plan then please create an account and enter in your project to the Nyloplast automated configuration then contact us with the plans that are produced. Nyloplast Basin Configurator> 



  • Model: 2808AG5
  • Size:  8" Drain Basin (5 ft tall) with round Grate
  • Available Outlets: 4" through 8"
  • Included Options:  Price include pedestrian, standard, or solid frame. Also grate/cover or one-piece Drop In grate included. 
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  • Volume Pricing Available on Large Orders 
  • Questions?  Call (800) 604-5537

Nyloplast Multi-Outlet Drain Basin

Additional Accessories:

3 Steps to getting your project quoted quickly 

  • Visit Nyloplast's Basin Configurator> site and select "Get Started"
  • Setup your account and enter in your project dimensions under "Create New Project"
  • Generate Shop Drawings and Specs from the Basin Configurator and Email drawings to along with any other project details and one of our customer service reps will provide you a quote along with a more details shipping times
    This entire process takes ~10 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Nyloplast Basins are custom, so if you do not provide shop drawings then we are not able to quote, process, or complete your order.

Nyloplast Basin Diagram found on Basin Generator


  • Watertight Connection: 
    Structures are shipped with rubber gaskets to insure a watertight connection. This prevents the soil infiltration that plagues precast structures and prevents long-term settlement around the basin.
  • Flexible resilient connection:
    The real world can be tough on underground structures. Soils consolidate unevenly and external loads can further complicate matters. Flexible connections allow minor movement to take place without compromising the structural or watertight integrity of the basin. Additionally, the need to wait for grout to set-up is totally eliminated. With Nyloplast, you can connect and backfill immediately.
  • Quick, easy and inexpensive installation:
    The product is lightweight and easily handled which translates into faster installation with less equipment and personnel, which results in a lower total cost.
  • Field Adjustments:
    Basins are easily adjustable in the field to meet final grade. Last minute trimming or extensions are easily made to insure proper positive drainage is achieved.


Installation is much easier than concrete cast drains and can be completed and customized to fit your application and outlet need.

Nyloplast Product Brochure Download
Nyloplast Construction Package Schematic Details Download 
Nyloplast Inlet Capacity Charts


  • All items ship for free (standard ground, see map)
  • Call: (800) 604-5537 for pricing and shipping questions.

 Due to current product demand 3-5 Business days lead time can be expected from the date of order until final delivery. 


*Contiguous 48 States Only 


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