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Speed Pin Carry Can Holster



Carry Can Holster with 40 staples

Note: Gopher wire staples and carrying can can only be purchased with accompanying gopher wire products and cannot ship alone.


  • Model: ITF-14-CAN
  • Brand: Diggers
  • Staple Size: 6" x 1" x 6"
  • Square Feet: 500
  • Install Guide: Download PDF
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Speed Pin Landscape Stapling System :

In-Line™ landscapestaples and Carry Can™ staple/tool holster. Handling landscape staples from carton-to-installation is now faster and safer thanks to our reengineered (Patent Pending) design of this essential landscape item.
The landscape staple is a commonly used item in the trade, comparable to the carpenter’s nail. They are used in great numbers to hold down weed barrier cloth, erosion control material, drip irrigation lines, gopher wire mesh—really anything that requires fastening to the ground. But the individual, loose packaging of the staples has always presented a challenge in handling.
Annoyed by time wasted transferring loose staples to a tool bag, pants pockets or work bucket? Frustrated by a tangled mess when trying to pick out one staple? Tired of getting poked in the process? Digger’s new SPEED PIN STAPLING SYSTEM solves these problems. With our In-Line™ staple packs, in combination with our Carry Can™holster, managing staples from carton to installation is much more efficient, organized and safer. Save time, money, and frustration.

Staple Specifications:

6-inches long: the perfect all-around length for most every job, material, and soil
1-inch wide crown measured to the outside of the staple: sized for hammer strike to drive both legs evenly minimizing bent leg failures
Staple Legs Flare to 1.33-inches: better holding power than straight legs, and the wide spread combined with the narrow crown capture and draw together more material for a stronger tighter hold
11-gauge (2.8mm) Q195 mild steel uncoated: strong for the intended use, and is not coated so that natural rust buildup creates a strong grip securing the staple in the ground for years

Installation Video

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