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SITEDRAIN HQ 244 Combination Drain 2' x 50' Roll - AWD


SKU 10810

SITEDRAIN HQ 244 geocomposite combination drain is composed of a dimpled polymeric core with a nonwoven geotextile bonded to the dimple side. The geotextile allows water to pass through while retaining backfill materials. The solid core allows water collection from one side and provides a continuous flow path to designated drainage exits.

The 24”-wide product combines 12” of high-profile 1”-thick core with 12” of low-profile 0.4”-thick core and includes an integrated transition flange for easy connection to SITEDRAIN geocomposite sheet drain products.

SITEDRAIN HQ 244 provides a value engineered alternative to perforated pipe and aggregate subsurface drainage systems in applications requiring high strength, high flow capacity, and a geotextile meeting AASHTO M288 Class 3 subsurface drainage requirements.

This is Product HQ 244 for the 2 foot by 150 foot roll.