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Window Well Covers - Wellcraft

These basement egress window well covers are made specifically for the Wellcraft Brand Window Wells and keep children and pets from accidentally falling in, as well as leaves and debris. Made of clear, durable polycarbonate, the cover is lightweight, yet can safely support up to 500 pounds. A robust fastener system stands up to hurricane-force winds, but is easy to remove when needed.

NOTE: The window well covers offered only work with Wellcraft Window Wells. We do not offer other sizing than those listed below.

Wellcraft well covers are engineered to open quickly from both the inside and out. These units fit snugly over each Wellcraft window well, adding another level of protection around the home by helping to prevent any young children or pets from accidentally falling in.

A durable 4-point hook-and-loop system fastens covers in place. This hook and loop system differs from other free swing hinged lids on the market. Cover attachments will hold covers in place in up to 50 mph gusts, yet they remain straightforward for a firefighter or other first responder to pop open for quick response into the home.
Our crystal-clear, UV-inhibited polycarbonate covers allow
unobstructed sunlight to reach the basement. Window well covers help sustain a beautiful look and clean environment by keeping out leaves and other unsightly debris.

• Our Flat covers support up to 500 pounds.
• The Dome style covers securely hold up to 350 pounds.
• Designed for easy emergency escape.
• Eliminate constant cleaning.
• Improve the look of your home.
• Allow sunlight to brighten your basement.

Sizing and options: