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Truncated Domes - ADA Pads

ADA pads also know know as Truncated Domes are textured surface indicators that provide audible feedback to visually impaired pedestrians of nearby motorways or potentially hazardous grade changes.  Placement of these domes are typically near crosswalks, parking structures, at the top of stairs, and near platform edging of transit stations. 
ADA Pads come in two primary varieties depending on if you plan to install them in concrete (Cast in Place), or if you wish to add them on top of an existing substrate (Surface Applied).

Access Tile and Armor Tile are two of leading ADA Compliant manufacturers and they are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

If a projects requiring a more classic Cast Iron looks is required then the Advantage Cast Iron ADA plates are a great option for long lasting exterior use.

Cast in Place - Replaceable Tiles

Top selling ADA pads. these Cast in Place units are designed to be wet-set in concrete and can be unscrewed and replaced should they wear over time. A great durable and economical detectable warning surface option. 

Cast in Place tiles come in a variety of sizes and colors to complete your project needs.

Surface Applied - Retrofit Tiles

Perfect solution when needing to place ADA Pad over an existing concrete, metal or wood substrate. These tiles are both bolted and glued down with a Seal and Bond adhesive to ensure proper contact and long product life. 

Surface Applied tiles come in a variety of sizes and colors to complete your project needs.

Cast Iron -
ADA Tactile Plates

ADA Metal plates provide a classic industrial aesthetic as they patina over time and enable. These plates are set in concrete and are the most durable and long lasting Truncated Domes product  standing up to severe weather conditions and northern climates. In particular they hold up well to heavy commercial vehicles such as forklifts, snow plows, and other service equipment.


Additional perimeter adhesive is typically required to seal the edges of the Surface Applied Tiles. 


Access Tiles Overview

Our world-leading ADA compliant truncated domes and wayfinding detectable warning tiles are the very best. Access tiles are the result of continuous product development thanks to extensive market feedback from professionals, installers, end-users, and specifiers over the past 30 years.

Our years of experience have given us the opportunity to use the most up-to-date material and manufacturing technologies for a very cost-efficient, durable, detectable warning tile that is incredibly easy to install. We provide a large variety of designs to ensure each installation is totally compliant with both federal and local requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. Every one of our tactile paving tiles complies with the ISO9000 manufacturing standards and we are totally committed to quality.

Detectable warning tiles are specifically designed to allow people with different abilities to navigate all areas safely, using wayfinding bars and these access tiles. They perform as a detectable warning that can be heard, seen, and felt. Working together, both access tiles and wayfinding bars create a detectable warning system, safely guiding people in public. Also, detectable warning pavers will increase safety for all people with all levels of ability to enjoy public places. There are a number of regulations and codes that all detectable warning products must meet in order to be considered compliant:

• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Public Right of Way (PROW)
• California Title 24 Requirements

Access Tiles Come in a Number of Colors

Access Tiles Have Multiple Color Options

Using an ADA detectable warning system will allow the community to safely enjoy and have full access to public places.

We ensure all our detectable warning pavers are designed with ADA regulations in mind and are tested precisely to guarantee they go beyond even the most demanding standards for the greatest safety.
Access® Tile performs the following tests to ensure our ADA compliant tiles are cost-effective, are extremely durable, and meet all required specifications and regulations:
• AASHTO HS20-44 Wheel Load Test
• ASTM Concrete Tests
• ASTM D Tests

The detectable warning surfaces will guide people who are using the wayfinding bar tiles and truncated domes together. These products are in total compliance with the ADA guidelines, they will alert someone when they are approaching the edge of a path by delivering a detectable warning. The detectable warning pads are used in transit stations and pedestrian crosswalks to alert people, especially those with a loss of vision when they reach an unsafe edge.

All the ADA tiles and ADA domes reflect sound which helps people who use guidance canes to get around a given area unaided. All our domes have been engineered to create the very best solution in tactile walking surface indicators or TWSI. Every one of our ADA detectable warning products will increase the safety of public areas and will allow people of all different abilities to enjoy their time in public places.

ADA detectable warning requirements will guarantee everyone will have access and enjoy all open places in the community. These products play a huge role in creating a more accessible friendly place. ADA detectable warning systems are required by law in many areas. The combination of truncated domes and wayfinding bars creates a detectable warning system that greatly improves the safety of any public area for people with all levels of abilities. Using detectable warning pavers will allow those who are visually impaired to get around areas safely without having to be guided.

Truncated Domes at Airport

Truncated Domes Used At Stairwell

Access Tiles in Sidewalk

Truncated Domes Used In a Sidewalk

The Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990:

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was put into law and recognized the rights of people with disabilities in every area of daily public life. The ADA prohibits discrimination against disabled people in the workplace, transportation, and all other areas that are accessible to the general public.

To ensure that all open areas are accessible and can be used by people with disabilities, the government established the ADA Standards and the ADA Accessibility Guidelines also known as the ADAAG.

Detectable warning requirements have greatly helped in the standardization of accessibility throughout the entire nation. Using detectable warning systems in your area will make your community a more inviting and enjoyable place for disabled as well as abled people alike.

There is a section in the ADA standards that requires the installation of the tiles in open places for the public. These areas include but not limited to the following:

• Pedestrian crosswalks
• Parking garages
• Escalators
• Stairs
• Wheelchair ramps
• Transit platforms

ADA detectable warning requirements are essential in creating well accessible spaces. There are sections in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) that require detectable warning surfaces with truncated dome be installed.

The Requirements Of The California Title 24:

The California Building Standards Code, or Title 24, outlines the standards all buildings are required to meet. The California Energy Code along with other codes and various ADA detectable warning tiles and products are covered by the California Building Standards Code.

Excerpts From The 2016 California Building Code Include:

California Code of Regulations
Title 24, Part 2, Volume 1
California Building Standards commission

These excerpts outline the code requirements for detectable warning tiles.

Replaceable Cast in Place Tiles:

Replaceable cast in place tiles can be easily placed directly into wet concrete and offers our industry-leading replacement features. ADA tiles are the perfect solution for projects that require long-term, lose-cost ADA compliant tiles. All our replaceable cast in place tiles are very lightweight but extremely durable for all wet concrete installations. Our replaceable cast in place detectable warning tiles meet all ADA requirements and are the perfect choice for any project. These tiles are excellent for long-term sidewalk installations as well.

Our replaceable cast in place ADA truncated domes are installed in areas where there are buildings as well as traffic. These detectable warning surfaces are visually contrasting from the surrounding areas to provide the disabled a barrier-free pathway.

Our replaceable cast in place domes are deliberately designed for new wet set projects including pedestrian crossings. Each detectable warning system features a series of tile specifications for durability, wear resistance, and weather. Our ADA tactile tiles have been installed in wet set concrete between vehicular passageways on both sides of sidewalk ramps. The detectable warning design offers a safer and accessible barrier-free path for pedestrians.

Our replaceable cast in place tile has a unique triangular tactile pattern. Its high-density, micro-texture has proven to be an ideal non-slip surface and the underneath side is reinforced with internal ribs to improve the stiffness and provide more structural support. The black nylon base and stainless-steel fastener are corrosion resistance and offer replacement flexibility to easily replace the tactile tile due to the self-threading knife-edge design.

The replaceable cast in place ADA tile gives you a hexagonal mold that acts as a permanent interface between the tactile tile and the anchor system. The anchor system includes durable and corrosion-resistant anchors along with heavy-duty stainless-steel fasteners.

Features Of The Cast In Place:

• Geometry offers consistent dome spacing between adjoining tiles.
• High-density diamond grip™ pyramid micro-texture designed for the best slip resistance in wet or dry
• Tamper-proof countersunk, stainless-steel Axius® fastener set is flush with the access tile surface.
• Audibly detectable technology is engineered for sound amplification.
• Textured surface for optimum adhesive bonding.
• Maximized strength load transfer design located directly under the domes transfer loads directly to the substrate.
• Adhesive location identified on the reverse side of the tile for easy installation.

Our Surface Applied Detectable Warning Tiles:

All our products, including the surface applied detectable warning tiles, are ADA compliant. Our wayfinding bar tiles will safely guide people through your area while our truncated domes alert people when the path's edge is becoming dangerous. Our surface applied access tiles are currently being used worldwide for many purposes including crossing, municipal curbs, and guarantees the public will remain safe with warnings. The alerts can be easily felt through shoes which is very important for people who are visually impaired. All our detectable warning pavers are available in an assortment of colors including safety red and federal yellow. Our contrasting colors are perfect for those who are visually impaired as well as for everyone else.

We have designed all our warning tiles with sound reflection technology to guide people with canes so they can easily move throughout an area safely. All they have to do is tap their cane and those who are visually impaired can hear the difference between a walkway and an ADA compliant tile.

About Surface Applied Tiles:

These tiles are made to be installed on top of any existing cured concrete surface where a tactile detectable warning is needed. You also need to use our Tactile Bond and an adhesive applied to the surface. You also need to install tamper-proof stainless-steel Axius® Fasteners for longevity. These tiles are a great alternative to wet set cast in place tiles and are cost-effective. The only requirement is including ADA compliant tiles on an existing concrete surface where other accessibility requirements are present. These tiles can be cut quite easily, giving you more flexibility when dealing with different unforeseen conditions and cutting them will not void their warranty.

Popular applications of Access® Tiles include:

• ADA curb ramps
• Accessible pedestrian crossings
• Accessible transit platforms
• Multi-model transit stations
• ADA standard wheelchair ramps
• Vehicle passageways
• Parking areas that are ADA compliant
• Safe escalator approaches
• Stair landing both top and bottom

Surface Applied Tiles' Intelligent Design Features:

Our Access® Tiles are leading the industry in affordable detectable warning tiles. All our tile products install within minutes and are very easy to replace. Access® Tiles have been the chosen product of developers for a long time because they install very quickly, can be easily replaced, and are considered one of the most environmentally-friendly products in the industry. Our multiple detectable warning pads can be anchored together using our tamper-proof stainless-steel fasteners. These pads will keep their flush interface with the tactile walking surface indicators.

Our tactile walking surface indicator, or TWSI, is slip-resistant, corrosion-free, and resists abrasion. All these surfaces have been thoroughly tested using the AASHTO HS20-44 wheel load test. You can be assured that you are working with a quality product!

All our tiles are tested against wear and tear to guarantee longevity for your detectable warning pads. Each ADA compliant tile is equipped with multi-fasteners to guarantee maximum strength and support. All our detectable warning tiles are available in many colors and sizes.

Our surface applied detectable warning pads can be easily cut on the site to match your very specific project requirements. Access® Tile's detectable warning mats are designed to exceed all your project needs.

You are welcome to use our radius calculator to figure out the number of tiles you will need for your project.

The excellent benefits for using our surface applied detectable warning tiles:

• Offers environmentally-friendly installation and replacement
• The location for the adhesive is shown on the reverse side of the tile for easy installations
• You can get our tactile bond and seal through all our authorized distributors.
• The system is designed and tested for both the structural adhesive and perimeter edge sealant
• The critical placement of the formed fastener hole locations improve installation soundness and
easy installation.
• Interactive sizes allow for the tiles to maintain a repeated pattern when mounted either-side-by-
side or top-to-bottom.


After 30 years of designing, testing, and manufacturing has led us to today's Access® Tile's superior product. Our products are the perfect choice for projects that require low-cost ADA compliant tiles.

Our surface applied tile are the easiest, fastest, and most environmentally-friendly installations and replacements in the industry. Our tiles can be retro-fitted into any existing concrete surface by applying adhesive, anchors, and stainless-steel pins. Our Access® Tiles paving can be cut to fit any shape quickly and easily.

All Access® Tile products are in complete compliance with:

The Americans with Disabilities Ac (ADA)
Public Right-of-Way (PROW)
The California Title 24 Requirements

How Do Detectable Warning Surfaces Work?

How Do Detectable Warning Surfaces Work?