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Dandy Inlet Guard - Inlet Protection System


SKU MM-DIG-24.24

Our Dandy Inlet Guard is an above the grate stormwater filter used to protect your inlet against heavy rain overflow. This three-dimensional fabric helps to prevent pooling and flooding. It can be used with flat grates, including round grates, as well as mountable curbs in order to filter out all sludgy sediment laden stormwater. The suspended solids settle out of the slowed flow and are captured by this product prior to entering the inlet. The Dandy Inlet Guard is easy to install, and delivers regulatory compliance and can be used for multiple jobs.


Product Specifics

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Product Features

  • Built-in, protective overflow design prevents flooding, unlike other inlet filters
  • Attaches quickly to storm grates with elastic bands making installation easy
  • Delivers regulatory compliance and outstanding performance
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to flush or clean inlets
  • Reuse across multiple jobs; durable, high-tensile fabric is made to last


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Installation and Maintenance Guidelines


  • Remove grate from catch basin.
  • Clean dirt and debris from inlet ledge.
  • Place the Dandy Inlet Guard over the grate.
  • Secure the Dandy Inlet Guard in the grate using the elastic band.
  • Reinstall grate and unit.
  • Maintenance:

    • Remove all accumulated sediment and debris from the surface and vicinity of the unit after each storm event.
    • Dispose of unit in accordance with applicable federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations. The user is solely responsible for compliance with maintenance and disposal laws. Dandy Products or seller assume no responsibility for proper and improper maintenance and disposal.