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The artificial grass designed specifically for dogs

ForeverLawn General Landscape Installation Guidelines

Let’s start by taking a high-level look at the whole process. Seeing the big picture of what is being accomplished will make the detailed steps more understandable.

When installing synthetic grass, the area must first be cleared of vegetation, and at a level where a 4” stone base can be installed. Once the area is cleared, we need to define the entire perimeter of the area and determine if boards will be used or not. It is recommended to use boards around the perimeter in commercial applications. You can use boards or just secure the perimeter of the grass with spikes in a residential installation. If using the pressure treated lumber (typically a 2”x4”) it will be installed on edge, not laying flat.

When installing ForeverLawn synthetic grass using the 6” 60D galvanized twisted shaft landscape spikes, the edge of your stone base will define the perimeter of your installation area.

If using perimeter boards, install the boards to define the perimeter before bringing in the gravel. Once the perimeter is defined, gravel will be brought into the area. The gravel should be spread level just a little higher than the top of the edge (as the gravel will settle on compaction). Once completely spread to desired surface contour, the gravel edge should be wetted with a hose and then compacted with a vibratory plate tamper. If the base settles too much, more gravel should be added, and the process repeated.

Once the base is done, the grass should be brought into the area and rolled out. Factory edges need to be removed from side of the rolls that will be seamed together. The grass should be laid out like it will be installed, seams lined up, and then the edges at the end of the grass rolls should be cut to fit. Once the grass is properly trimmed, then anchored (in key areas), the seams should be put together and the rolls secured.After the seaming is done, then any remaining unanchored areas should be secured.

The grass should be cleaned up with a blower. If there is dirt or debris on the grass or surrounding areas, use a hose to rinse off.

Installation Guide ~20 min video