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Armor Tile Surface Applied Detectable Warning Mat 3' x 5'



Armor Tile 3' x 5' Surface Applied ADA detectable warning mat. 

A detectable warning surface provides underfoot tactile and auditory feedback for the visually impaired. Surface applied mats are commonly placed on crosswalks, curb ramps, stair landings, parking garages, and train/bus platforms. 

All Armor Tile detectable warning surfaces are certified ADA compliant and are available in a wide range of colors.


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  • Brand: Armor Tile Surface Applied
  • Model: ADA-S-3660
  • Size: 36' x 60"
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  • 2'x5' - Surface Mount Mat
  • 3'x4' - Surface Mount Mat
  • 3'x5' - Surface Mount Mat


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Use Tactile Bond & Seal for use with Armor Tile - Surface Applied Tiles

Tactile Bond & Seal for Surface Mounted Truncated Domes Installation
Tactile Bond & Seal for Surface Mounted Truncated Domes Installation
Adhesive is applied to the broad spaces on the back of each tile as shown here

Tactile Bond & Seal Adhesive - 10oz Tube


Full step by step installation and maintenance guides for our Cast In Place and Surface Mount Access Tiles can be found on our Installation and Maintenance Page.


Questions about our Detectable Warning Surface products?  Visit our FAQ section here.

What You Should Expect From ADA-Compliant Armor-Tile®

Armor-Tile is the world leader in ADA-compliant truncated domes and detectable warning pavers. They offer a huge range of versatile ADA tiles that are very easy to install anywhere they will be needed. As the leading professionals in domes and detectable warning pavers, you can't find a better alternative.

These tiles are ADA-compliant truncated domes and detectable warning pavers that can be placed anywhere that requires accessibility for the visually impaired. These tiles are extremely versatile and easy to install. When you purchase Armor-Tile, you will discover these detectable warnings and tactile floor tiles lead the industry in impact and wear resistance, weather, burn, chemical resistance, detectability, and slip resistant.

Cast In Place ADA Tiles

Not only are these ADA tiles versatile but can be installed in ADA curb ramps, parking areas, pedestrian crossings, and many other locations. 

ADA Pad at Crosswalk

Armor Tile Used at Sidewalk

Surface Applied ADA Tiles

These Surface Applied Tiles® were created to install in any existing cured concrete surface where an ADA tile is required. These warning pavers have beveled edges to offer a smooth transition from a walking surface onto the tactile system which exceeds ADA requirements. These warning pavers are also very cost-effective. Installing the Surface Applied truncated dome tiles is easy due to the application of their Tactile Bond and surface adhesive along with their tamper-proof stainless-steel Axis™ Fasteners providing excellent durability.

These detectable warning pavers are a simple, more cost-effective alternative to their wet set Cast in Place tiles because they can be installed after construction is completed. The surface applied tiles can be easily cut which will give the installer a great deal of flexibility. Because of their flexibility, the tiles can be used in a wide range of applications including ADA curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, transit platforms, escalator approaches, and so much more. Also, these tiles are lightweight and very easy to handle. Overall, these detectable warning pavers are cost-effective, easy to install, and ideal for your projects.

Herculite Series ADA Tiles

Armor-Tile® Replaceable Herculite Series ADA detectable warning pavers are made from a polymer Herculite composite, and a fiberglass reinforcement that is hard as diamonds. The design of the ADA tile offers fast and easy replacement so you can continually provide dependable tactile warnings for those who are visually impaired.

These ADA Tiles are leaders in the industry for durability, weather conditions, and wear resistance, making them the perfect product to go beyond ADA compliance. Also, their ADA-detectable warning tiles come with a 5-year warranty.

The Replaceable Herculite Series Tiles are engineered to be fully compliant with every ADA government guideline and regulation. The product can be installed across a number of applications including parking areas, transit platforms, ADA curb ramps, and so many other places. These professional grade tiles provide industry-leading ADA results for top-of-the-line truncated domes and wayfinding bar tiles.

Modular Paver ADA Tiles

The Armor-Tile® Modular Paver detectable warning tiles are made from a diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite and filled with high-strength polymeric concrete to guarantee the tactile system is extremely dense, durable, and strong. This innovative combination of diamond-hard vitrified polymer and high-strength polymeric concrete has taken first place, leading the industry in durability, weather, and wear resistance. Installing this Modular Paver Tile is actually quite easy to do because it can be set in the grout bed, dry pack, or dray laid on compacted fill. The ADA tile can be installed in a wide range of sites because the tiles can be easily cut to conform to angled and radius ramps.

The Modular Paver tile can be cost-saving when building new ADA curb ramps and platform edges. This warning paver features a smooth transition from any walking surface and therefore meets every ADA regulation and guideline. The ADA tile will withstand vigorous vehicle loading and passes the crucial AASHTO HS20-44 Wheel Load Test.

The Modular Paver is the perfect detectable warning paver for a wide range of applications including ADA curb ramps, transit platforms, multi-model transit stations, pedestrian crossings, and many other projects.

Armor Tile at Mall

ADA Tile at Outdoor Mall

Detectable Guidance ADA Tiles

Armor-Tile® Detectable Guidance Tiles are used for tactile pathways for the visually impaired at pedestrian crossings and roadways. These tiles offer some of the lowest installation costs as the integral embedment flanges complete anchoring system is quite streight forward to install. The detectable warning product is installed at less than 1/4-inch above the adjacent surface for excellent detectability. It's available in 11 different ADA regulation colors including Federal Yellow, Pearl White, Onyx Black, and Ocean Blue. The detectable guidance tiles allow the visually impaired to easily navigate the roadways safely and effortlessly.

Close Up Truncated Dome View

Truncated Domes up Close

Detectable Directional ADA Tiles

Armor-Tile® detectable directional tiles will save on costs for new construction as well as for retrofitting projects. The detectable directional product is perfect for parks, sidewalks, university campuses, and transit facilities by allowing those with visual impairments to have complete access to the grounds. Each tile is offered as a complete and ready system. These tiles are also shipped with a TactileBond, a surface-applied adhesive, tamper-proof stainless-steel Axis™ Fastener, and sealant. Installing this product is extremely easy and guaranteed to stay safe and secure with incredible durability.

Complete with beveled edges for smooth transitions between walking surfaces and are ADA approved. Detectable directional tiles are available in a range of sizes to choose from. They can be used for any application you want including ADA curb ramps, vehicular passageways, parking areas, transit platforms, and other projects.

The tiles employ a diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite giving the tiles incredible industry-leading durability, as well as weather and wear resistance. They used their industry-leading standards from progressive product development based on extensive market feedback from professionals, installers, specifiers, and most importantly, the end-user over the past 30 years. Their team of unparalleled experienced people has allowed the company to effectively use their premier manufacturing technologies to develop industry-leading and cost-effective detectable warning pavers that are very easy to install.

The manufacturer offers multiple configurations of the  detectable warning pavers to meet the needs of its clients and ensure every installation is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements on both federal and local levels. Their detectable warning pavers are so incredibly versatile they can be installed in any area where truncated domes are required. They designed their truncated dome tiles to serve as clear and distinctive warnings for those with visual impairments. The visually impaired can walk around the facilities, safely, and be alerted to changes in elevation and potential dangers. Safety and convenience are at the top of their list of truncated dome tiles and the result is a series of detectable warning systems that will outperform the rest of the industry. All its paving systems comply with the ADA and the State of California Building Code Title 24.

What Is An ADA Detectable Warning Surface?

An ADA Detectable Warning Surface is a general term used for truncated domes' tactile warning systems designed to offer physical solutions for the visually impaired. Detectable warning pavers are needed at intersections where dangerous vehicles travel on roads while pedestrians are on walkways. Those who are visually impaired are alerted when they come to a potentially dangerous location. These warning tiles are designed to be easily seen, felt underfoot, and detected by guidance canes. Truncated domes are placed in a lined pattern and have a trademark shape that is recognized by the visually impaired and will carry out the function of an ADA solution which has become known as an industry standard.

Armor Tile Used at Train Station

Warning Pads at Train Station

The surface must have a significant visual effect that is easily created by crafting the color of the ADA tile that is in contrast to the surrounding concrete surfaces. Every Armor-Tile® is available in a variety of colors that provide an excellent contrast to your area. Each series of tiles are designed with federal and state ADA standards so they will be your one-stop solution for ADA. To meet these high standards, they combine their proven polymer processing and material technologies with intelligent design features to create the best cost-effective and durable detectable warning tiles available on the market. Armor-Tiles® truncated domes and detectable guidance tiles are carefully tested to guarantee their quality including the AAHSTO HS20-44 along with various ASTM D tests and ASTM concrete tests. Their truncated domes are also tested individually against wear and tear. Armor-Tile guarantees both durability and detectability in their tactile warning systems.

Armor-Tile® ADA tiles are shipped with instructions for installation. Installation is easy and will create a smooth, code-compliant transition from the tactile warning surface to the surrounding substrate. These compliant transitions are required for those with visual impairments as it's imperative for them to be able to feel truncated domes and guiding strips comfortably through their shoes. They have also added sound reflection technology into each tactile warning system allowing individuals with guidance canes to freely move around the area without being aided. These ADA tiles are found in both private and public areas around the world. Frequent applications include ADA curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, parking areas, transit platforms, and vehicular passageways.

An ADA Detectable Warning Surface

Many professionals are now using ADA-compliant tactile warning surfaces. Many terms are now being put in place to describe truncated domes and wayfinding surfaces. The following are a few that people are using when referring to  tactical warning products:

  • ADA Detectable warning strips
  • ADA Detectable warning mats, detectable warning tile
  • Tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI)
  • Tactile paving
  • Tactile warning tiles
  • Truncated Dome Mats
  • ADA Paver Tile
  • Truncated dome tile
  • ADA tile
  • ADA warning mats

The ADA tile team at  team works constantly to provide truncated domes and tactile warning systems for use in any public or private areas for the visually impaired community with ADA solutions where ever they might travel.

Aerial Veiw of Armor Tile Pads

Warning Pads at Street Corner

Armor-Tile® Goes Beyond ADA Regulations

The team at Engineered Plastics (the manufacturer) has designed these truncated dome tiles to be in compliance with and will go beyond all ADA regulations. The ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act came into law in 1990 and recognizes the rights of all people regardless of their abilities to participate in all aspects of daily public life. The comprehensive piece of civil rights legislation is known as an “equal opportunity” law for people with disabilities and was created to fight against discrimination within American society, specifically when it comes to employment, transportation, and all accessible public areas.

During the 20th century, the lack of equal opportunity, and legislation involving infrastructure and development codes meant American citizens did not have equal access to many places. Thanks to the ADA regulations, we are now watching changes in many ways including the addition of ADA tiles and ADA solutions to many public and private areas.

An ADA standard requires the installation of truncated domes and wayfinding tiles in pedestrian areas that are now open to the public including transit platforms, walkways, transitional spaces, vehicular parking garages, ADA curb ramps, and so much more. In order to be ADA-compliant infrastructure, each detectable warning strip must adhere to stringent size and spacing specifications. There must be visual contrast with the adjacent walkway or platform and must meet various measurement-specific standards. For more information, you should read up on the ADA regulations. You can read the full comprehensive Truncated Domes ADA Requirements on the official government website.

With the growth in technology, places like Armor-Tile® are on the front line of developing and creating more ADA solutions for the disabled. There will always be improvements and ideas to help the disabled get to the same places and enjoy their lives just like abled individuals.