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Chicken Mesh Wire


SKU MM-GW5100-G-1

Our Chicken Mesh Wire is a 20 gauge wire that has 3/4" openings, and is available in 5' x 100' roll dimensions. This product is available in both double dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel options. The galvanized option has an estimated lifespan of 7-12+ years (including when it is buried) and the stainless steel has increased longevity with 12+ years of an an estimated lifespan. Both options provide protection from corrosion and are flexible rolls that also maintain a high degree of strength.

The chicken mesh wire ships next business day from our UT warehouse.


Our wire mesh has undergone a very specific manufacturing process which provides the mesh with extreme resistance to breakdown when exposed to moisture.

Our mesh is so moisture resistant that it can even be buried underground for years without breakdown.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Gopher Block™
  • Size: 5' x 100'
  • Wire Gauge: 20
  • Mesh Opening: 3/4" Hexagonal
  • Galvanized Steel Estimated Material Lifespan: 7-12+ Years
  • Stainless Steel Estimated Material Lifespan: 12+ Years
  • Spec Sheet: Download PDF
  • Install Guide: Download PDF
  • Free Shipping
  • Need a written quote? Request Online
  • Questions?  Call (800) 604-5537

Product Benefits:

  • Strong: Constructed from heavy-duty double-galvanized steel.
  • Permeable: Allows for water to pass through for grass and plant roots
  • Blocks Mature Gophers: Blocks fully grown gophers from passing through
  • Blocks Young Gophers: Blocks young and developing gophers from passing trough
  • Rot Resistant: The double-galvanized steel mesh provides high resistance against underground rotting
  • Allows Plant Growth: The 3/4" mesh size will not choke roots allowing for your plants to grow
  • Allows Lawn Root Growth: Healthy lawn growth is not effected due to the 3/4" mesh size
  • Designed Specifically for Gophers: Not just "fancy chicken wire", Gopher Block™ is designed specifically for protection from gophers


The installation of Gopher Block™ is straight forward and can be installed by a homeowner or landscape contractor.

Install Guide: Download PDF

Installation Diagram

Gopher Block Diagram

Shipping Time

  • All items ship for free (standard ground, see map)
  • Call: (800) 604-5537 for pricing and shipping questions.

Fast Shipping
(orders to California are delivered  in approximately 2-3 business days)

Gopher Block orders typically are shipped within 1 business day. Smaller orders (less than 5 rolls) ship via UPS/Fedex and larger orders ship LTL freight. If your delivery is by LTL freight, the freight company will call to schedule a delivery appointment.

Gopher Wire Staples

Each roll of Gopher Block™ requires 100 ground staples for proper installation. (sold separately).

Ground Staples – Gopher Block - 100 Staple Carton
Ground Staples – Gopher Block - 100 Staple Carton

Ground Staples – Gopher Block - 100 Staple Carton


Also Available:

Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel

Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel


Looking for Some Inspiration?

Visit our Project Gallery to view a wide variety of different Gopher Block™ installations by our customers.


What About Moles?

Although Gopher Block™ is not specifically designed to prevent mole intrusion, we have had customers that have installed it for this application and the gopher wire has proved effective at deterring moles from tunneling into landscape and lawn areas.

"After tilling and clearing the loam from our yard, I installed the gopher wire roll. I then applied another 6 inches of topsoil/compost and then laid 1,800 square feet of zeon zoysia sod. The gopher wire roll is an incredible product and in my mind worth every penny. I have already seen the results. There is an adjacent section where our yard meets the neighbors yard. Given the frequent watering/worms, etc. our yard has become an attractive site for moles. Well, our yard has been perfectly protected from the moles, and our neighbors yard is full of new holes and tunnels. They just cannot seem to penetrate the wire roll. The quality is also impressive. Does not even compare to the junk available at “unnamed big box” hardware store (trust me, I looked!) Anyway, here are several photos of the installation process and the final product. "

Colin R.
Austin, TX


Using Chicken Wire Mesh: An Overview

Chicken wire mesh is a helpful product which can be used for a variety of projects. The days are gone when gardeners thought of this hexagonal mesh as a material just for enclosing chickens.

This material is praised for its flexibility, strength, and affordable price. People from all walks of life love working with this mesh including craftsmen, gardeners, and DIY builders. In this article, we will explore the possibilities for using chicken wire mesh, its many applications, and benefits. We will offer tips for using this material effectively in your next project.

About Chicken Wire

Chicken wire mesh is made from thin, flexible galvanized steel and in some cases from plastic-coated steel. It's woven into a hexagonal grid. It's manufactured in different gauges and sizes of mesh for different requirements from delicate crafting to tough agricultural requirements.

Chicken Wire Mesh

Up Close View of Chicken Wire


Durable: Known for its strength, this galvanized steel is resistant to rust and corrosion for both inside and outside projects.

Lightweight: Because this material is lightweight, it can be handled easily when installing or simple setups.

Versatile: This incredible material is great for so many different uses from simple home gardening tasks to complex operations on construction sites.


Affordable Pricing: The price for chicken wire mesh is very affordable. In comparison to similar products, you will get high quality with excellent results.

Easy To Use: This material is easy to cut, bend, and configure into various shapes for custom designs and projects.

Serves As A Barrier

Chicken mesh is usually chosen to protect poultry as well as gardens from small animals and pests while remaining environmentally friendly.


Many people use this product for home décor because of its unique rustic look. Chicken wire mesh is very adaptable for many different projects including:

Enclosures For Animals – It's perfect for creating an enclosure for chickens as well as other small animals.

Garden Fences – Not only will the mesh protect your plants from pests but it will add a nice touch to the garden area.

Support For Climbing Plants - Because it's sturdy, chicken wire mesh serves as a support for climbing plants and vegetables.

Various Home Uses – You can use this mesh to organize jewelry, hang tools in your garage, and many other uses thanks to its versatility.

Chicken Wire Coop

Chicken Wire On Coop

Lamp Decorations – Because this mesh is so adaptable, you can create a lampshade or other creative covering to add a rustic look to your interior rooms.

Artistic Touch – Create a base for your sculptures or decorative figurines.

Various Event Decors

Weddings: Chicken wire mesh can be used for floral arrangements or added light fixtures hanging from above.

Parties: Create decorations for a specific party theme or add a rustic flair for a square dance.

Chicken Wire Openings

Metal Chicken Wire

How To Choose The Right Chicken Mesh

Wire Gauge: The gauge of the wire affects the flexibility and strength of the wire. The thinner gauges are more flexible and easier to shape which is perfect for arts and crafts. Thicker gauges will last for a longer period of time and the best choice for heavy-duty applications.

The Size Of The Openings: The size of the openings should be chosen for a specific project. Smaller openings are good for tiny insects or animals while larger openings are good for larger animals and less demanding projects.

The Material: While galvanized steel is very popular, plastic-coated steel provides more strength and rust resistance making this material a good choice for wet, humid climates.

The Installation Outline:

Preparation: Decide where the installation will be and then measure the area before cutting the mesh to size. This will help you get the right amount of material and not become wasteful.

For Safety: Make sure to wear gloves when cutting or shaping the wire so you won't cut or hurt your hands. Good quality tools will make the project easier to get through and much safer.

Secure The Mesh: Attach the material to the frames or stakes using fencing staples or ties. When completed, check to ensure the mesh is taut and stable.

Inspection And Maintenance: If this mesh is used outside, inspect and perform maintenance on a regular basis to keep the chicken wire in tip-top shape. Check for signs of rust or damage and make repairs when needed to maintain its performance.

In Conclusion

Chicken wire is an incredibly versatile material for so many practical and creative projects. Turn your garden into a protected area for your plants or create an enclosure for animals to stay safe. If you are creative, try chicken wire mesh in your arts and crafts projects. This mesh is durable, affordable, and very easy to use in so many ways. Choose the wire mesh carefully to ensure you get the right one for your needs. Pay attention to the gauge! Chicken wire mesh should become a valuable part of your toolkit.