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Dandy Pop - Inlet Protection System


SKU MM-DP-30-30

Dandy Pop is a sediment product that prevents sediment infiltration while also protecting field grates. It fully encloses the field grate, which eliminates the sediment infiltration and captures the suspended sediment solids prior to them entering the grate inlet. This product is easy to install by simply opening with a pop up.

The Dandy Pop is made of safety-orange monofilament geotextile which makes it very visible to machine operators. The unique dome design makes it a easy to clean and maintain product. It is available in three sizes and can be used over a number of jobs.


Product Specifics

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Product Features

  • Superior patented design keeps silt, sediment and debris out of storm system
  • Safety-orange monofilament geotextile is highly visible to machine operators
  • Pops open in a matter of seconds
  • Unique dome design provides easy cleaning and maintenance
  • High visibility with bright orange monofilament geotextile
  • Compatible with optional oil absorbents
  • Standard sizes to fit any grate inlet
  • Can be reused over and over again


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Installation and Maintenance Guidelines


  • Pop open the Dandy Pop near the inlet.
  • If using optional oil absorbents, place the absorbent pillow on the bottom of the unit.
  • Remove the grate from the frame and place it into the Dandy Pop.
  • Pull up the slack and seal the Velcro® to enclose the grate.
  • Holding the lifting straps, insert the grate inside the Dandy Pop onto the inlet, making sure that the grate sits completely in the frame.
  • Maintenance:

    • Remove all accumulated sediment and debris from panels, surface and vicinity of the unit after each rain event.
    • Remove the sediment that has accumulated within the containment area as needed.
    • If using optional oil absorbents, remove and replace them when they near saturation.
Dandy Pop Manufacturing

Dandy Pop Being Manufactured

Dandy Pop

Dandy Pop is a high quality and innovative inlet protection product. This safety orange monofilament geotextile product never fades and has a melting point of 322˚F.

This product is made in America.