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Drop Inlet Bag


SKU MM-DS-24-24

Our Drop Inlet Bags give you the best in quality storm grate filtration. They easily install on your storm grate without any rebar required. Whether you’re doing a residential or commercial job you need to protect the storm water system from sludge and sediment or you could be fined by the EPA.

The drop inlet bags come in a variety of sizes help ensure they can fit almost any grate size. Maintenance is a breeze, just empty the sediment and sledge out as the bag gets full and then reinstall to be used again.

The catch basin silt sacks are made of a bright orange monofilament geotextile making them easy to see  so the inspector knows which inlets to check as they survey the project.  


Product Specifics

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Product Features

  • Affordable price
  • Super easy installation. No rebar required
  • Internal straps cradle the grate for added support and security when installing and removing
  • Two-foot containment area is manageable
  • Easily seen because it's fabricated from a bright orange monofilament geotextile


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Installation and Maintenance Guidelines


  • Remove the grate from catch basin.
  • If using optional oil absorbents, place absorbent pillow in pouch on bottom of the unit.
  • Stand the grate on end. Move the top lifting straps out of the way and place the grate into the Dandy Sack so that the grate is below the top straps and above the lower straps.
  • Holding the lifting straps, insert the grate into the inlet.
  • Maintenance:

    •  Remove all accumulated sediment and debris from vicinity of the unit after each storm event.
    • After storm event and at regular intervals, look into Dandy Sack. If containment area is more than 1/3 full of sediment, the unit must be emptied.
    • To empty unit, simply lift the unit using lifting straps and remove the grate. If using optional oil absorbents, replace absorbent pillow when near saturation.

About Drop Inlet Products

Dandy Products, Inc is located in Mount Vernon, OH. Their Dandy Curb product stands out from the crowd in comparison with other curb inlet filters. This incredibly tough product was created for curb and median inlets without grates. It can handle the very worst sludge in stormwater by filtering out the slowed flow and then captured by Dandy Curb before it can enter the inlet.

The Dandy Curb Bag is an advanced drop inlet filter designed for commercial use. This product was created and patented for use on gutter and curb inlets to remove the most challenging sediments that have built up in stormwater. With the slowed flow, these sediments are settled out and picked up by the reinforced Dandy Curb Bag before making it into the inlet.

The Benefits

This innovative design will prevent silt, sediment, and debris from getting into the storm system. It is made from an orange monofilament geotextile for easy visibility in all kinds of weather.

  • It easily adapts to the shape of the curb.
  • Has a built-in protective overflow design.
  • Reduces flushing or clean up in the inlet.
  • Easy to install, maintain, reuse, and inspect.
  • Is available in many sizes for any curb or gutter inlet.
  • Available with the optional oil absorbents.
  • Can be used many times again.
Drop Inlet Storm Drain

Product used for Storm Drain Protection 


- Make sure to place the grate standing on end then place the Dandy Curb Bag over the grate.

- If you are using the oil absorbent option, place the absorbent pillow on the bottom of the unit and attach the absorbent pillow to the tether loop.

- Tuck the enclosure inside to totally enclose the grate.

- Using the lifting device, carefully hold the lifting straps and place the grate into its frame, street side first.  Do not rely totally on the straps to support the weight of the grate.

- Lower the back edge into place

- The Dandy Curb Bag should block the curb hood if installed correctly.


After each storm, collect all the debris and sediment that has gathered on the surface and the surrounding area.

If needed, remove sediment that has built up inside the containment area.

For the optional oil absorbent, remove and replace the pillow when it's close to saturation if you have chosen to use the optional oil absorbent.

The Dandy Bag is the flagship drop inlet filter bag for the company because it's perfectly created to be extremely strong and durable. The bag is perfect for rounded, mountable, or flat curbs to filter out sludge. The solids will settle out of the slowed flow and then are captured before getting to the inlet. You will get a regulatory-compliant performance every time.

The Ingenious Filters For The Curb Inlets

If you want incredible durability, then the Dandy Curb is for you. It's designed for each curb and median inlet without grates. It's strong enough to handle the worst rainwater that is loaded with sludge. The sludge is filtered out and grabbed before entering the inlet.

Other Benefits

This patented design will prevent debris and silt from getting into the storm system.

  • It will adapt to the specific shape of the curb
  • Offers a built-in protective overflow design.
  • Reduces clean up and flushing.
  • Visually easy to see due to its bright orange monofilament geotextile.
  • Available in different sizes for any curb or inlet.
  • Easy to install
  • Available with the optional oil absorbents
  • Easy to maintain and inspect
  • May be reused many times over.

- Put the Dandy Curb on the ground with the aggregate pouch on the side of the street by the inlet where you will install it.

- Open the Velcro pouch that is street side of the unit.

Place the sock in the pouch and push it back in if you are using the optional oil absorbent. Fill the pouch with aggregate to the point it will stay in place during a storm. Create a seal between the surface street and the Dandy Curb.Reseal the Velcro.

- Center it on the curb or median inlet's opening. Allow for equal lengths of overhanging on both sides of the opening.

Protecting a Storm Grate

Dandy Product Used for Storm Drain Filtering


After each storm, remove all collected debris and sediment from the surface and surrounding area.

Remove and replace the absorbent pillow when it's becoming saturated.

The Dandy Sack

The Dandy Sack is created to hang under the storm grate for filtering out the most challenging sediments. The sediments will settle out of the slowed flow and will be picked up by the Dandy Sack before ever reaching the inlet. This should be on your list if you are dealing with very difficult sediments.

Polution Protection for Curb

Dandy Curb Filter

The Benefits

  • This product is very easy to install.
  • The internal straps sit in the grate for additional support when installing or removing.
  • Very affordable cost
  • The 2-foot containment area is easy to handle.
  • The product is made from an bright orange monofilament geotextile.
  • You can add optional oil absorbents as well.
  • Patented curb filtering technology is also available.


- Remove the grate from the catch basin.

- When using the optional oil absorbent, place the absorbent pillow on the bottom of the pouch.

- Stand the grate on end.

- Lift the top straps out of the way in order to place the grate into the sack.

- Be sure the grate is placed below the top straps and above the bottom straps.

- You need to use the lifting straps to place the grate into the inlet.


After each storm, remove all accumulated debris and sediments from the entire area of the unit.

After each storm, regularly inspect the inside of the sack. If you see any sediment that is around 1/3 full, empty the unit.

In order to empty the unit, lift the unit with the lifting straps and remove the grate.

If you have chosen to use the optional oil absorbent, you have to replace the pillow when it is almost saturated.