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Natural Stone Adhesive - Carton - 28 oz Tubes



SRW’s Natural Stone Adhesive (Rapid-Set Polyurethane) is an ideal choice for holding natural stone in place. Whether it be in a water feature, stone sculpture or a landscape area where stone needs to be secured, the Rapid-Set Polyurethane adhesive is an excellent choice. Featuring a fast setup time the adhesive can be used on projects where extended periods of curing are not possible. Applicable for both dry and damp surfaces and even around high temperatures this adhesive is a perfect choice for nearly all projects where bonding natural stone is required.

This product is VOC compliant.


Contains a carton of 12 tubes of 28 oz each.

Product Info

  • Model: APU 28
  • Brand: SRW
  • Size: Carton of 12 tubes of 28 oz each.

  • Safety Data Sheet: Download PDF
  • Installation Guidelines: Download PDF
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Product Benefits:

  • Fastest set-up time on the market
  • Designed for construction and landscape projects
  • Suitable for dry or damp surfaces
  • High temperature compatible
  • Interior/exterior applications
  • Premium, long-lasting strength
  • 12 month shelf life

Product Applications:

  • Retaining walls
  • Pavers
  • Concrete
  • Pool Copings
  • Foam/Vinyl/PVC
  • Bricks
  • Firepits
  • Metals
  • Wood
  • Natural stone

Choosing The Right Adhesive For Your Next Natural Stone Project

Natural stone for interior and exterior projects is one of the most popular choices to date. Natural stone is incredibly beautiful, long-lasting, and will take center stage. Natural stone can add an elegant or rustic touch, depending on the design. Installing natural stone is a slow. meticulous process that requires the right materials, skills, and the correct adhesive.

In this article, we will go over the right adhesive for natural stone to create a project that will give you a long-lasting, and incredibly beautiful finished project.

About Natural Stone

Natural stone can be marble, limestone, granite, or slate that's used for floors, countertops, and wall siding. Wall siding is the material attached to the exterior wall of a home or building and is often referred to as wall cladding.

These stones offer unique characteristics that will dictate how to install them, and what adhesive should be used.

Natural Stones on House

House with Stone Siding

Porosity – The term refers to the porous nature of the stone. The tiny holes in the stone allow water to pass through. The porosity in the stone affects its absorption rate which determines the type of adhesive that should be used. That said, highly porous stones might require a different adhesive vs dense stones.

– Natural stone is significantly heavier than other materials requiring much stronger adhesives.

Chemical Composition – The mineral content can affect the stone's vulnerability to etching and staining. In turn, it will affect the choice of adhesives, especially if it contains chemicals that will react with the stone.

Choosing The Correct Adhesive

For a successful installation of stone, it's critical to choose the correct adhesive. Choosing the right adhesive depends on several factors including whether it's installed inside or outside, the kind of stone, and the application such as flooring, walls, or for decoration.

The Different Kinds Of Adhesives

Thin-Set Mortar:  This is a great choice for stone installation due to its strength for bonding. It comes in two formulas, modified and unmodified. Modified thin-set contains polymers to increase its flexibility and adhesive capabilities. This is a great choice for exterior applications in areas where the change in temperature is common. Unmodified thin-set mortar does not contain polymers in the dry formula. The liquid variety adds strength, resistance to water, or flexibility.

Epoxy Adhesive:

Epoxy adhesive is known for its incredible strength and resistance to chemicals. It's an excellent choice for installing dense stone and for areas known for harsh conditions. It's also used to fill in gaps or seams between the stones.

Polymer-Modified Mortar:

This mortar contains polymers to increase its bonding strength while resisting moisture. This mortar is a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor applications.

Adhesive Choices:

Environmental Conditions – For outside installations choose an adhesive that can withstand weather changes and moisture.

Substrate Conditions – The condition of the surface where the stone will be placed will dictate the choice of adhesives. Surfaces that are likely to move or expand like wooden floors, require a flexible adhesive.

Color Of The Stone – There are adhesives that will discolor some stones, especially lighter stones. You need a neutral or transparent-colored adhesive to protect the stones.


Before installation, you have to prepare the surface and materials for a successful installation. Make sure the substrate is clean, level, and dry. The surface must be free of dust and oil or the adhesive will not bond properly.

Surface Preparation:

• Cleaning - Thoroughly clean the surface to remove all debris, oil, and existing adhesives that could affect the bonding strength.
• Leveling - Choose a leveling compound to form a flat surface if necessary. This is important for flooring to prevent tiles from cracking.

Plan The Layout:

Dry lay the stones before applying the adhesive to adjust the fit and ensure the design is what you want.

Gray Stone Wall

Gray Stone Siding


The technique for applying the adhesive depends on the type of stones and the product that's used. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

General Applications:

• Apply Evenly - Use a notched trowel and apply the adhesive evenly across the entire surface. Note -the size of the notch should be based on the size and thickness of the stone.
• Press Firmly – Place the stone on the adhesive layer and press firmly to create a strong bond. Do Not slide the stone, it can cause air pockets.
• Curing – Allow enough time for the adhesive to fully cure before exposing the stone to stress and moisture. Curing time can vary from one to another so follow the directions on the adhesive's label.
• Maintenance And Care – Once the installation is completed, it's important to preserve the stability of the stone. If you want to, you can seal the stone from stains and moisture.

Clean regularly using approved products to prevent damage to the stone and adhesive.

New Home with Stone Siding

Stone Siding on House

In Conclusion

Applying the right adhesive is very important to ensure the stone is stable and long-lasting. Know the requirements of the stone you have selected and the condition of the environment. The stone should remain beautiful and functional for a very long time. Carefully choose, prepare, and apply the adhesive. The natural stone will be a testament to your hard work and stand out in the space you have created.