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Stratagrid 1400 Geogrid - 12.5' x 300' Roll

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SKU SG1400-12.5x300

STRATAGRID 1400 is a uni-axial knitted heavy duty geogrid reinforcement for soil, manufactured with high molecular weight/high tenacity polyester yarns utilizing a complex knitting process and polymer coating to provide superior engineering properties. The yarns are knitted into a dimensionally stable, uniform network of apertures providing significant tensile capacity.

This polyester geogrid is engineered to be both mechanically and chemically durable, in both the harsh construction installation phase and aggressive soil environments (pH range from 3-9).

12.5' x 300' Roll

NOTE: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by the updated version, SGU400. The original Stratagrid 1400 is no longer available.


  • Model: Stratagrid 1400 
  • Brand: Strata Systems
  • Size: 12.5' X 300' 
  • Square Feet / Roll: 3.750



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PET high-tenacity and low-creep yarn for soil reinforcement. 

StrataGrid™ is a polyester, flexible, high-performance geogrid  used in soil reinforcement and other civil engineering  applications. StrataGrid™ is manufactured using a high-grade polyester yarn with special, high-tenacity, and low-creep  properties knitted into a network and then coated with a proprietary coating. It is differentiated from other geogrids with its superior elongation and stress-strain values, its wide widths (up to 5.7 m wide) and customized lengths. StrataGrid™ is available in two series: uniaxial and biaxial.

StrataGrid™ uniaxial series has a range of  ultimate tensile strengths ranging from 20 kN to 800 kN for varying design applications.
The StrataGrid™ biaxial series has a range from 20 kN to 200 kN.

StrataGrid™ is tested in GAI-LAP accredited labs and is CE, NTPEP, and ISO certified.


The Stratagrid Series of geogrids are ideal for use in:

  • Embankment over soft soils (basal reinforcement)
  • Block and panel walls for highways, landfills, and other retaining walls
  • Below structural foundations
  • Reinforced steep soil slopes and

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Stratagrid geogrid product spec chart


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