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TerraTex HD - Woven Geotextile Fabric 12.5' x 360' Roll - Hanes


SKU 38230

TerraTex® HD is a woven geotextile composed of polypropylene yarns. These yarns are woven to form a stable and durable network such that the yarns retain their relative position. TerraTex® HD meets AASHTO M288 Class 1, 2, and 3 for separation and stabilization. It is non-biodegradable and resistant to most soil chemicals, acids, and alkali with a pH range of 3 to 12.

12.5' x 360' Roll - 4,500 Square Feet 


  • Model: TerraTex HD
  • Brand: Hanes Geo
  • Size: 12.5' X 360' 
  • Square Feet / Roll: 4,500
  • Fabric Specifications: Woven Polypropylene Separation/Stabilization 


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By default, Hanes Geotextile orders ship from the nearest regional warehouse. Each warehouse carries a full stock of the Hanes products, however due to demand and supply levels it may be necessary to ship from other locations. Most orders ship the next day (M-F) if order is placed before 11:00 AM EST. Transit time is typically 1-3 business days, is approximate and specific to the Carthage fabric line. The day that the order is shipped is not counted as a transit day. Most Carthage Mills fabric rolls ship via LTL freight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whats the difference between TerraTex HD and TerraTex GS fabrics? 

Hanes TerraTex HD is a stronger (greater tensile pull strength) fabric than the TerraTex GS line. 
TerraTex GS has a grab tensile strength of 200 lbs and the HD is tested for 315 lbs grab strength

  • How much aggregate material needs to be placed on top woven geotextile fabrics after installation?

For residential applications it is generally recommended to place a minimum of 4" depth of gravel or aggregate on top of the fabric. Typically 4-6" of aggregate is ideal.For fabrics used in commercial or road construction 6-8" depth is generally used. 

Consult you project engineer for exact requirements as specifics can vary widely between projects.


TerraTex® woven geotextiles are designed and manufactured for many construction applications. They perform the three primary functions of a geotextile: separation (separating the native subgrade from an aggregate layer); reinforcement (reinforcing an area by distributing weight over a wider area); and filtration (retaining soil while allowing the passage of water). TerraTex® woven geotextiles are composed of polypropylene filaments that are formed into a stable network such that they retain their relative position. A range of geotextiles is offered to meet the requirements of various applications.


The TerraTex Series of woven  geotextiles are ideal for use in:

  • Separation under driveways and streets, parking, storage and staging areas, roadways, airport runways, paving blocks, and access/haul roads
  • Wrapped-face retaining walls  
  • Separation of Aggregates  
  • Foundation stabilization  
  • Daily landfill covers


*Contiguous 48 States Only 


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