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Wire Lathing



The 20-gauge Wire Lathing is ideal for one-coat stucco applications, offering excellent coverage with dimensions of 150' long and 37" wide (51.4 sq yds). Designed with furring points every 4 inches, it ensures consistent and reliable installation. The soft-weave process keeps the lath flat and pliable, preventing common issues like rust, broken wires, wavy edges, warps, and bubbles. The increased width guarantees complete coverage from the weep screed to the window sill.

The 17-gauge Wire Lathing is perfect for three-coat stucco applications, providing extensive coverage and durability with dimensions of 150' long and 36" wide (50 sq yds). It features eight rows of 'Channel Furr' across the width, offering a standard 3/8" furr. The soft-weave process ensures the lath remains flat and pliable, avoiding common problems such as rust, broken wires, wavy edges, warps, and bubbles.

Both products comply with industry standards as specified in ICC Report No. ESR-2055. Manufactured with proprietary machinery and a commitment to quality, this lath is straight and flat-lying, reducing labor costs and minimizing claims and returns, ensuring superior performance and aesthetics.

- 17 Gauge: 18 Units and in 18 unit increments (full pallet)
- 20 Gauge: 32 Units and in 32 unit increments (full pallet)


  • Model: Galvanized Stucco Mesh
  • Brand: Preferred Wire Products
  • Size Options:
    - 17 Gauge - 36" x 150' (50 SY) - 74 lbs per roll
    - 20 Gauge - 37" x 150' (51.38 SY) - 43 lbs per roll
  • ICC-ES Evaluation Report: Download PDF
  • Spec Sheet/Install Guide: Download PDF
  • SDS: Download PDF
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  • Innovative ‘SOFT-WEAVE’ process keeps the netting FLAT and PLIABLE
  • ICC Certified under Report No. ESR-2055
  • Made in America


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