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Why You Should Choose the FX Geotextiles & GBX Biaxial Geogrids

About FX Woven Slit-Film Polypropylene Geotextiles

If you want geotextiles that offer excellent solutions and save on the cost for most separation and stabilization applications, you should choose the FX Series of woven slit film geotextiles. When you provide and maintain separation of the aggregate and subgrade soils, the life expectancy is significantly increased for both paved and unpaved roadways. When dealing with unpaved applications, the aggregate will remain good throughout the entire project and will provide easy access to sites during all weather conditions.

Woven geotextiles offer great stability due to their high strength at low elongation because it distributes loads and reduces or, in some cases, eliminates rutting. All most all geotextiles are excellent separators of aggregate and subgrade, however, only woven geotextiles have the ability to resist stretching which is very important for stabilization over soft and/or poorly drained soils.

FX-55 Geotextiles

This is a medium-weight geotextile and the most popular when used in DOT and private engineered projects.

FX-66 Geotextiles

This is a heavier-weight geotextile that is typically used when higher stabilization is needed.

The Benefits & Features Of Woven Slit-Film Polypropylene Geotextiles

The FX Slit-Film Series of woven polypropylene geotextiles are designed for the best solutions for a number of applications and different site conditions. This product will also save a great deal of money. They have been the leading geotextile company in America since 1958.


These woven geotextiles prevent diverse materials from mixing, therefore extending the lives of both paved and unpaved applications.


It offers a much higher ratio at low strains, delivering immediate support and load distributions in moderate subgrade conditions.

Effective & Low-Cost

With high performance and low-cost, this geotextile guarantees great savings in structural materials, labor, and future maintenance for many civil engineering applications.

Road Fabric Installation

Road Fabric Installation

Road and Paving Fabrics

Road and Paving Fabrics

FX Series Of Woven Slit-Film Geotextile Applications

The FX Series of woven slit-film geotextiles are perfect choices for the following:

- For a road-base separation layer under driveways, streets, parking lots, storage and staging
areas, roadways, airport runways, paving blocks, and access/haul roads.

- For wrapped-face retaining walls

- Foundation stabilization

- Daily landfill covers AASHTO M288-15 Specifications including:

• FX-50 & FX-55 when requirements are exceeded for separation and stabilization/Class 3.
• FX-60 & FX-66 when requirements are exceeded for separation and stabilization/Class 2.
• FX-66 when requirements are exceeded for separation and stabilization/Class 1.

About FX-HS Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextiles

They offer their FX-HS Series of nonwoven geotextiles are considered multipurpose. They provide excellent solutions for separation, erosion control, drainage, and filtration applications.

These geotextiles are constructed from 100% polypropylene staple filaments that are needle-punched and heat set for excellent stability. The weight ranges from 3 to over 30 ounces for a square yard.

The product offers high durability with superior resistance from punctures and tears but easily conforms to ground and site irregularities providing easy trouble-free installation.

The Benefits & Features Of FX-HS Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextiles

The FX-HS Series of nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles are designed to provide excellent solutions for most soils in a wide range of applications and different site conditions. You will also save on costs.

Separation & Soil Retention

The FX-HS Series of nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles prevent different materials from mixing which, in turn, extends the life and performance of most drainage or filtration applications.

High Permittivity & Filtration

The product offers superior soil retention and high permittivity properties for high water flow rates with most kinds of soil. Permittivity is the ability of a material to store electrical energy.

Strength & Durability

FX-HS nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles offer superior resistance to installation damage and detrimental site conditions.

CM Geogrids

Carthage Mills Biaxial Geogrid for soil stabilization

CM Woven Fabrics

Carthage Mills black Woven Fabric

Multipurpose Versatility

Combining the benefits of Soil Retention, High Permittivity, Separation, and superior durability, FX-HS nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles are very cost-effective solutions with a huge range of applications:


Nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles are used in Subsurface Drainage applications along highways, under airfields, and athletic fields within embankments and segmental retaining walls that consist of modular concrete blocks.

Medium To Heavyweight

These nonwoven geotextiles are used as separators under roadways, airport runways, access/haul roads, railroad ballasts, under riprap for slope and shoreline protection. It’s also used for landfill drainage, filtration, and site dewatering bags.

The Specifications For AASHTO M 288

FX-45HS when requirements are exceeded for subsurface drainage separation and stabilization/Class 3.

FX-60HS when requirements are exceeded for all four applications/class 2.

FX-80HS when requirements are exceeded for separation, stabilization, and permanent erosion control/Class 1. 752

About GBX Series Biaxial Geogrids

Biaxial geogrid has been a standard in the geosynthetic industry for more than 30 years. The GBX Series of formed Biaxial Geogrids are made of the highest-quality polypropylene and often referred to as Type 1 and Type 2.

The full line of the GBX Series is available at a very competitive price using the same technology and materials that have proven to be successful in the US and the rest of the world. According to design engineers, the GBX Series of geogrids offer great performance and are considered extremely reliable within the industry. Integrally formed geogrids in the GBX Series are the chosen products by contractors for their projects.

The Benefits & Features Of The GBX Series

After years of improved technology, biaxial geogrids have been providing the highest transverse rupture strength and tensile strength along the ribs and at the junctures that are needed for long-lasting interlocking and confinement in soil stabilization and base reinforcement applications.

About The Manufacturing & Materials Used For The GBX Series

These products have been tested and proven to outperform other products, giving you the dependability you require.

Offers An Increased Load Bearing Capacity At An Affordable Cost

Biaxial geogrids aid in the construction of haul roads and staging areas that are sitting over soft soils instead of using expensive and time-consuming chemical stabilization of deep undercutting of recessed surfaces.

Stabilization Or Base Reinforcement

Due to high tensile strengths, juncture effectiveness, transverse rupture strength, and aperture stability, aggregate is confined and controlled from lateral movement, distributed loads over the subgrade which minimizes rutting. It will reduce aggregate and offer an expected, dependable level of performance to increase the pavement’s life span.

Low-Cost Material

Biaxial geogrids come in rolls with widths up to 16-feet which will decrease installation time and labor and not lead to a waste of materials.

Save Money On A Project Or Site

The GBX Series has proven to reduce infill or aggregate thickness, hauling and equipment time along with undercutting and rutting. You will save on structural materials by as much as 50%.

GBX Series Applications

• For based reinforcement for runways, parking lots, highways, secondary roads, and railways.
• For gabions in wall construction, erosion control structures, and bridge abutments.
• For reinforcement and stabilization of parking areas, equipment, haul roads, and staging yards.
• For working platforms or mattresses on feeble subgrades such as soft soils, tundra, and peat.
• For foundations, cement, and concrete reinforcement in a large variety of applications.

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