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ADA Pad - Commercial Grade



ADA Pads are the ideal ADA-Compliant pedestrian safety warning system. These Pads are designed with raised domes that enable the visually impaired to either feel or hear that there is a walkway transition nearby. They can be felt or heard with the use of a walking cane and alert the visually impaired that there is either vehicle traffic or a walkway transition nearby.

These Pads are Cast in Place meaning they are installed in wet-set concrete and once cured the upper pads can be unscrewed from the feet and replaced as necessary. The easy of maintenance and replacement has made them very popular with many commercial and municipal organizations.

All of the Access Tile brand ADA Pads are ADA-Compliant and are available in five different colors.

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  • Brand: Access Tile Cast In Place
  • Size: 24" x 48"
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Access Tile detectable warning mats come by default with wide dome spacing for convenient wheelchair access and ADA compliance.

Our tactile panels come in 5 colors:
Yellow, Safety Red, Colonial Red, Dark Gray, & Black

Each Cast in Place mat is set into the concrete while its wet. The benefit of this style of truncated dome mats are that they can be easily replaced in minutes by using a Torx wrench and unscrewing any damaged panels.  

Access Tile ADA Compliant 2.35


Watch this video for a full step by step installation. 

Each mat comes with anchors and everything needed for installation. 

Installation Instructions for Access Tile's ADA Compliant Tiles - FULL GUIDE HERE


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Access® Tile Is The Most Affordable Warning System On The Market

The ADA or Americans With Disability Act was created to help people with disabilities gain access to places that were not available before then. ADA regulations were created for many sources including the detectable warning surfaces on sidewalk curb ramps with tactile paving models to last for many years, will remain flexible, and are very affordable.

Some of the highest quality ADA tile products on the market are Access® Tile ADA truncated domes and wayfinding tiles which are utilized in new curb ramp operations and retrofitting current curb ramps. Wayfinding is a way of traveling from one point to another. As an example, birds migrate great distances to reach their destinations. The ADA-compliant detectable warning products are lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to cut to adapt to different sizes and curb-cut ramps.

Access® Tile products are available in Replaceable Cast in Place, Curved Radius and Surface Applied tiles. Truncated domes are abruptly cut off at the end or at a certain point. These domes are mandatory on all ADA compliant sidewalk curb ramps in order to warn pedestrians they are about to enter walkways traveled by vehicles.

Many towns and cities are constantly looking for ways to maximize their investments without raising taxes. Access®Tile’s tactical warning systems are affordable solutions for reducing the cost of infrastructure while keeping the principles of the ADA and state regulations.

These are the important reasons for choosing Access®Tile for the next ADA curb ramp requirements.

1) The Quality and Design of ADA files
2) Warranty and Maintenance

Shoes on ADA Pad

Ada Tile at Crosswalk

With their calculator, you can quickly plan the layout of the sidewalk curb ramps, and let you know the number of Access®Tile truncated dome tiles and options for the cost for a reliable reference point.

The ADA Replaceable Cast in Place tiles are perfect for wet set concrete applications and ideal for upgrading existing sites with new sidewalk curb ramps You can choose customized tactile panels in sizes - 12″ x 12″, 24″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, 24″ x 48″, 24″ x 60″, 36″ x 48″, and 36″ x 60″, or choose the 24″ x 30″ Radius Curved truncated dome.

Access® Tiles are colorfast UV-stable similarly engineered polymers processing, and material technologies that are improved with fiberglass truncated domes. All the tiles are manufactured in the United States with the finest materials to guarantee they will exceed rigorous testing for water absorption, slip resistance, wear, weather and chemical resistance, compression strength, and accuracy.

The Replaceable Cast in Place ADA truncated domes and detectable wayfinding tiles are specifically constructed for easy installation and can be quickly replaced in wet set concrete during new construction.

The Access® Tile Surface Applied truncated domes and wayfinding tiles are highly recommended for retrofitting curb ramps, vehicle passageways, and parking lots. Every Surface Applied ADA tile offers a tactile warning area with a large, attractive beveled edge for a seamless transition which is included in the truncated dome installation kit.

The Access® Tile's color matches the Axius® fasteners. These fasteners are assembled first for quick installation of the dome which is safe from any expansion during the installation and are expressly designed for concrete. The finished look is neat and flushed for an excellent appearance.

The Replaceable Cast In Place and Surface Applied Tiles are made from a durable, long-lasting exterior grade composite material that is UV resistant and tested for color retention. The standard colors come in Colonial Red, Safety Red, Federal Yellow, Bright White, Onyx Black, and Dark Gray.

Regarding mobility for superior barrier-free wheelchairs, walkers, and shopping carts, ADA truncated domes have a center-to-center 2.35-inch spacing with an aesthetically appealing look only found in the Access® Tile detectable warning products.

Tactile Crosswalk ADA Pad

Texture of ADA Tile

The Access® Tile’s complete tactile warning systems are found on ADA-compliant sidewalk curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, escalator approaches, and other busy areas and intersections.

The ADA truncated domes serve as a cue for the visually impaired and their design and engineering teams work around the clock to ensure these products will exceed all specifications of governmental agencies, municipalities, and contractors.

All the ADA truncated domes and detectable wayfinding tiles are totally compliant with the Americans with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines, Public Right-of-Way, and California Title 24 requirements.

Crosswalk with ADA Tile

Crosswalk with ADA Tile

These cost-saving tactile warning systems can be installed in new construction by guaranteeing they are strategically placed near steps, curb-cut ramps, and the edges of every surface platform.

Access® Tile’s Replaceable Cast in Place ADA truncated domes, as well as wayfinding tiles can be easily replaced in under 5 minutes. Access® Tile Surface Applied ADA truncated domes and wayfinding can also offer to retrofit over concrete surfaces and have it installed in 10 minutes.

Access® Tile tactile warning products are manufactured in the United States and have proven to outperform other tactile warning systems. This product comes with a 5-year warranty with practically no maintenance on your part while still offering superior non-slip capabilities at a lower price tag for these excellent detectable warning systems.