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Gopher Guard - Galvanized Steel Mesh


SKU MM-GW5100-G-1

Gopher Guard Galvanized Steel Mesh is an ideal solution for keeping pesky gophers out of your lawn and landscape.

This 3/4" hexagonal mesh is laid under lawns, planter boxes, and paths during installation and is specifically designed to prevent gophers from chewing through and reaching your lawn and garden.

Gopher Guard mesh provides a long term in-ground lifespan at approximately 7-12+ years and is made of hot dipped galvanized steel. It's made to resist corrosion from ground moisture, outlasting other meshes, and is a leading choice for both homeowners and landscaping teams alike.



Our wire mesh has undergone a very specific manufacturing process which provides the mesh with extreme resistance to breakdown when exposed to moisture.

Our mesh is so moisture resistant that it can even be buried underground for years without breakdown.

Product Specifications

  • Model: MM-GW5100-G
  • Brand: Gopher Block™
  • Series: HD
  • Size: 5' x 100'
  • Wire Gauge: 20
  • Mesh Opening: 3/4" Hexagonal
  • Estimated Material Lifespan: 7-12+ Years
  • Spec Sheet: Download PDF
  • Install Guide: Download PDF
  • Free Shipping
  • Need a written quote? Request Online
  • Questions?  Call (800) 604-5537

Product Benefits:

  • Strong: Constructed from heavy-duty double-galvanized steel.
  • Permeable: Allows for water to pass through for grass and plant roots
  • Blocks Mature Gophers: Blocks fully grown gophers from passing through
  • Blocks Young Gophers: Blocks young and developing gophers from passing trough
  • Rot Resistant: The double-galvanized steel mesh provides high resistance against underground rotting
  • Allows Plant Growth: The 3/4" mesh size will not choke roots allowing for your plants to grow
  • Allows Lawn Root Growth: Healthy lawn growth is not effected due to the 3/4" mesh size
  • Designed Specifically for Gophers: Not just "fancy chicken wire", Gopher Block™ is designed specifically for protection from gophers


The installation of Gopher Block™ is straight forward and can be installed by a homeowner or landscape contractor.

Install Guide: Download PDF

Installation Diagram

Gopher Block Diagram

Shipping Time

  • All items ship for free (standard ground, see map)
  • Call: (800) 604-5537 for pricing and shipping questions.

Fast Shipping
(orders to California are delivered  in approximately 2-3 business days)

Gopher Block orders typically are shipped within 1 business day. Smaller orders (less than 5 rolls) ship via UPS/Fedex and larger orders ship LTL freight. If your delivery is by LTL freight, the freight company will call to schedule a delivery appointment.

Gopher Wire Staples

Each roll of Gopher Block™ requires 100 ground staples for proper installation. (sold separately).

Ground Staples – Gopher Block - 100 Staple Carton
Ground Staples – Gopher Block - 100 Staple Carton

Ground Staples – Gopher Block - 100 Staple Carton


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Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel
Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel

Gopher Block – Gopher Wire Roll – Stainless Steel


Looking for Some Inspiration?

Visit our Project Gallery to view a wide variety of different Gopher Block™ installations by our customers.


What About Moles?

Although Gopher Block™ is not specifically designed to prevent mole intrusion, we have had customers that have installed it for this application and the gopher wire has proved effective at deterring moles from tunneling into landscape and lawn areas.

"After tilling and clearing the loam from our yard, I installed the gopher wire roll. I then applied another 6 inches of topsoil/compost and then laid 1,800 square feet of zeon zoysia sod. The gopher wire roll is an incredible product and in my mind worth every penny. I have already seen the results. There is an adjacent section where our yard meets the neighbors yard. Given the frequent watering/worms, etc. our yard has become an attractive site for moles. Well, our yard has been perfectly protected from the moles, and our neighbors yard is full of new holes and tunnels. They just cannot seem to penetrate the wire roll. The quality is also impressive. Does not even compare to the junk available at “unnamed big box” hardware store (trust me, I looked!) Anyway, here are several photos of the installation process and the final product. "

Colin R.
Austin, TX


Getting The Best Results To Keep Gophers Out Of Your Garden

Homeowners know all too well gophers are persistent little pests that tear up flower beds, lawns, vegetables, and landscapes due to their incessant burrowing habits. Gophers are underground rodents found in North and Central America. They cause a great deal of damage if not driven away from homeowners' property. Doing so can be a challenge.

Understanding their habits and employing defensive strategies can stop their burrowing and get your lawn and garden back to normal. In this article, we will go over what gophers are, the incredible damage they cause, and how homeowners can deal with these annoying little pests.

What Is A Gopher?

In many cases, gophers are thought to be moles but that's not true. Gophers are in the rodent family and live underground. They have powerful front legs short necks, and fine fur along with short tails they use to navigate the tunnel walls when moving backward.

Pocket gophers are considered common burrowing animals in the Geomyidae family. They weigh approximately ½ lbs, are 6-8 inches in length, and an average lifespan around 3 years or 7 years in the wild. Their diet consists of vegetables, such as carrots and lettuce, roots of plants, and shrubs. Their tunnels are made from soft soil for protection and storing food.

Gopher standing

Gopher Standing in Field

Their Impact On Gardens

When digging their tunnels, they can harm the root systems of plants, trees, and flowers. The tunnels of dirt mounds ruin the beautiful conditions of lawns and gardens. Also, these tunnels can redirect away from the roots of plants and possibly kill the plants.

Economic Loss

Gardeners and homeowners invest a great deal of time and money in their gardens, lawns, and surrounding landscape. Their hard work is considered an economic loss after gophers have moved in. Gophers destroy expensive landscaping, limit crop yields, and kill young trees.

How To Prevent Damage From Gophers

Successfully controlling gophers involves blocking their entry using barriers or physical removal when needed. Here are some successful strategies that have shown great success:

Controlling Destructive Habits

Choosing Plants – There are certain plants that will not attract gophers. If you plant daffodils, lavender, or marigold you could drive them off.

Managing The Soil - Compact the soil regularly and stay away from excessive watering. As gophers like loose moist soil, not compacted and wet. Gophers will not find your soil attractive for building tunnels if there are adverse conditions

Creating Barriers

Underground Fencing: The most effective way to keep gophers out of a particular area of your landscape is by installing gopher wire.

Raised Beds: Building raised beds with gopher-proof bottoms (gopher wire) can protect individual plants or certain sections of the garden. Line the bottoms of the raised beds with the wire mesh to prevent gophers from digging or burrowing up into the beds.

Humanely Trap And Remove

Installing The Traps: Using gopher traps is the most humane and successful way to get gophers off your property. Once you have the traps, strategically place the traps inside the tunnel system by following the manufacturer's instructions.

Garden Bed without Gopher Holes

Well Maintained Garden Bed

Remove The Gopher(s): If you have a large number of gophers, bring in a professional wildlife control expert. This could be well worth your investment. They will come in, assess the trapping, and implement a good plan that meets your situation.

Repellents Or Devices

Natural Repellents: Castor oil and garlic are very popular repellents that are applied around the garden area to repel gophers. You must reapply the repellents, regularly, especially after it rains.

Ultrasonic Devices: These devices send off sounds that are created to keep gophers away. Whether they are effective or not can be debated. In some cases, they might not be that effective when used alone. Talk to your local home improvement store, such as the Home Depot, for other products they believe you should use along with the ultrasonic device.

Gopher on Grass

Gopher in Field

In Conclusion

Gophers can be a huge problem for gardeners and homeowners due to their burrowing habits. In the quest to stop their destructive burrowing, most people do not want to kill gophers, just drive them off. By using various preventative measures, monitoring the gophers' activities, and acting quickly when signs of gophers burrowing are apparent. With best practices, you can return to a very beautiful, healthy garden.

Keep in mind that you might have to try different methods to find the one that will work for you. For effective gopher management, be focused on finding the best results. Get good advice from experts who deal with wildlife management and remain positive and patient.