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Stratabase 12 Biaxial geogrid - 13' x 164' Roll


SKU SB12-13x164

STRATABASE™ 12 is a biaxial geogrid especially designed for retaining walls, soil stabilization and reinforcement applications. StrataBase is manufactured from polypropylene, by process of extruding then longitudinal and transverse stretching.

StrataBase features high tensile strength at low strain in both longitudinal (MD) and transverse (TD) directions and provides excellent structure stability and mechanical interlock performance.

13' x 164' Roll


  • Model: Stratabase 12
  • Brand: Strata Systems
  • Size: 13' X 164' 
  • Square Feet / Roll: 2,132



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For over 30 years, biaxial geogrids have been utilized in pavement construction and soil stabilization projects throughout the US and worldwide. StrataBase® is Strata’s innovative geogrid that is made from extruded polypropylene which provides superior stiffness, aperture stability and interlock capabilities for structural reinforcement of paved and unpaved roads.

Lateral spreading of base course aggregate or subbase material is the most critical and common failure in pavement structures. Using StrataBase stabilizes aggregate soil through confinement and introduces tensile strength, and effectively reduces this spreading. It also allows for an increasing bearing capacity and load support capacity, resulting in improved structural performance and pavement life. Additionally, aggregate thickness can be reduced by 50% with the use of StrataBase.


The Stratagrid Series of geogrids are ideal for use in:

  • Base reinforcement for flexible pavements 
  • Subgrade and foundation improvement: cost effective alternate to undercutting and backfilling 
  • Parking areas for commercial and industrial facilities 
  • Haul road stabilization 
  • Construction platforms and embankments over soft soils 
  • Airport runways 
  • Caps for sludge ponds and landfills 

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Stratagrid geogrid product spec chart


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