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Thick Black Plastic Sheeting - HDPE


SKU MM-HDPE-18-30-100

Our thick black plastic sheets are designed for various uses both indoors and in the landscape. The plastic is flexible and can be bent to conform to various landscape elements or even around corners in a radius turn. The material is composed of HDPE plastic and is available in roll widths ranging from 18” to 60” and in material thicknesses ranging from 30 mil to 100 mil. The 60, 80 and 100 mil thickness have a very high level of puncture resistance and are very dimensionally stable (can stand up on their own when installed vertically). The HDPE plastic is UV resistant and can be installed in both warm and cold climates. This material is suitable for installation both above and below the ground. Our HDPE is made in the USA and the pricing includes shipping throughout the continental USA. 

Material Thickness:
30 mil = 1/32”
40 mil = 3/64”
60 mil = 1/16”
80 mil = 5/64”
100 mil = 3/32”

Note: Our HDPE plastic is only available in roll widths up to 60 inches.

Please note that we are unable to provide custom roll lengths.

We also offer rigid HDPE in 48" x 96" sheets in both black and white colors.

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Product Info

  • Model: HPDE
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Size: Various
  • Free Shipping
  • Need a written quote? Request Online
  • Questions?  Call (800) 604-5537

Product Benefits

  • Waterproof
  • Commercial Grade
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-Biodegradable
  • Will Not Rot or Mildew
  • Resistant to Rodent and Insect Damage
  • 100 Year Material Lifespan
  • Made in the USA

Connecting HDPE Pieces

There are two ways to connect multiple pieces of HDPE together. One method is to overlap the HDPE and use our double sided seam tape to connect the two pieces. The other method is to butt the ends together and use our 17 mil single sided seam tape to create a solid connection.


Overlap Method
(for underground installations)

The overlap method is best used when connecting two pieces of HDPE in a buried application. Due to the overlap, a ridge is exposed which is not ideal when installed in exposed vertical or flat installations in high traffic areas as there is a possibility of an object catching on the ridge and pulling the two pieces apart.

In a below ground installation, the large overlap area provides a more water resistant connection as well as enhanced protection against tree and plant root intrusion.

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End to End Method
(for exposed installations)

When installing HDPE on a wall, floor or anywhere that is exposed, the end to end method provides a secure connection and does not leave any ridges exposed to potential catching by a person or object.

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  • All HDPE rolls ship for free (standard ground, see map)
  • Call: (800) 604-5537 for pricing and shipping questions.

    Shipping estimates shown on the map pertain to this specific product only. HDPE orders typically ship same day if the order is placed before 12:00 noon CST. Transit times displayed in the map are listed in business days, and are approximate. Transit times are subject to stock levels at regional warehouses.  The day that the order is shipped is not counted as a transit day.

    Stratagrid Shipping Map

    HDPE Plastic - An Overview

    There are many companies and industries that have been jumping on the bandwagon to produce HDPE products to help improve the planet and environment. Consumers are also jumping on board looking for the best solutions for a better environment tomorrow.

    In our research, we have noticed there is one product that is taking the lead in green solutions versus using wood products. This amazing product is high-density polyethylene plastic sheets, that is a member of the HDPE product line.

    Unlike traditional wood issues such as rot, mold, and cracks, HDPE sheets are an excellent choice for commercial, structural, and marine applications without suffering from the issues found in wood. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about High-Density Polyethylene Sheets or HDPE Sheets as well as the other amazing products in the HDPE family. Without a doubt, HDPE plastic lumber is one of the strongest, dependable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly building materials that will last for many years to come.

    What High-Density Polyethylene Is

    High-density polyethylene or HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer with a high strength-to-density ratio. Unlike low-density polyethylene (LDPE), HDPE offers a density range from 930 to 970 kg/m3 and is much stronger than LDPE making it the perfect product for applications that require a certain strength and can withstand higher temperatures without cracking or warping.

    Roll of HDPE

    HDPE Roll

    HDPE's Physical Properties

    Unlike other materials, HDPE plastics have their own molding processes. In many cases, HDPE is configured based on certain specifications. It can be cut, molded, and altered like wood, timber, and HDPE sheets.

    HDPE offers many advantages given its plastic configuration. HDPE resists moisture, pests, and does not require chemical treatments or finishes making it excellent for outdoor items and applications. These qualities have made HDPE a reliable, long-lasting, and resilient material for commercial, industrial, residential, and marine-grade uses. Keep in mind if you are using HDPE near high temperatures it has a melting point of 267°.

    Most Popular Uses For HDPE Sheets

    HDPE sheets are perfect for outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchens, bathroom partitions, playgrounds, site furnishings, certain amenities, and landscaping.

    HDPE sheets will outperform many materials including wood in marine, industrial, and commercial uses. In marine decking, it's got the same appeal as natural wood but requires a lot less maintenance and waterproofing but still offers strong resilience to environmental conditions. It offers a wood grain finish with slip-proof resistance. Both docks and marinas have received many benefits from HDPE sheets due to these qualities.

    Other Choices For Using HDPE

    High-density polyethylene is used for many other purposes because it offers the very best quality for just about everything from trimming on boats to lawn chairs. HDPE is the popular choice for many commercial and urban amenities, recreational parks, and golf courses. Its uses stretch far beyond the common to customized commercial solutions and outdoor living. HDPE is so versatile it can deliver greater performance and commercial appeal vs other materials.

    Some Exceptions Using HDPE

    With all said, there are some issues you must take into consideration. The first concern is its melting point. If used in very hot climates or industrial applications, HDPE can melt or warp from extreme temperatures. Also, HDPE is not biodegradable but it's still a sustainable material that has complimented many sites as a secured barrier against mold and insects.

    Why HDPE Sheets Are More Popular Than Wood

    The more consumers learn about HDPE sheets the more likely they will choose it. One thing everyone wants to know is how it compares to wood. Traditional wood can attract pests, if left in certain elements it will rot, and is often treated with chemical finishes. So, why is HDPE the chosen product over wood? One, HDPE is moisture-resistant where wood will succumb to rot unless treated ahead of time. Also, HDPE does not need treatment, finishes, waterproofing, or staining. HDPE will stand up to all weather elements without added assistance.

    High-density polyethylene sheets can be cut, shaped, and molded just like wood but will last a much longer period of time without having to be treated. Its composition is unmatched when it comes to flexibility which is not usually found in other materials.

    Plastic HDPE Pellets

    HDPE Pellets

    Unlike wood, HDPE sheets are not corrosive and easily resist mildew, mold, and insect infestation. Therefore, unlike wood, HDPE will not face many common issues because it can withstand just about all natural elements you might be confronted with. Another benefit to take into consideration is its ability to resist both natural and artificial chemicals. It's impervious to acids, detergents, solvents, and cleaning fluids.

    When it comes to cleaning, HDPE is low maintenance as it's easy to clean, just use soap and water. You will save money and time using HDPE versus items made of wood. While these sheets will give you a beautiful wood-like appearance, the surface will remain slip-proof. You will have a great selection of colors to choose from - red, gray, black, white, and royal blue. You will find the right color for your outdoor furniture or other outdoor items without feeling like you are settling for a cheap product.

    Probably one of the most important reasons for using HDPE is its extended life. HDPE sheets are recycled plastics from milk jugs, bottles, bottle containers, and plastic bags. HDPE is considered environmentally friendly and safer for consumers than other recycled items such as PVC, glass, BPA, cardboard, or metal.

    Choosing HDPE plastic wood over traditional wood will save the ecosystem from deforestation and other environmental issues. If you have an HDPE item that is damaged or needs replacement, you can recycle it or send it back to the manufacturer. HDPE is a reusable material for many years to come.

    HDPE Pipes

    Large HDPE Pipes

    Some Exceptions Using HDPE

    With all said, there are some issues you must take into consideration. The first concern is its melting point. If used in very hot climates or industrial applications, HDPE can melt or warp from extreme temperatures. Also, HDPE is not biodegradable but it's still a sustainable material used on many sites as a secured barrier against mold and insects.

    HDPE Materials Have The Answer You Are Looking For

    If you are looking for an alternative to wood, HDPE has the answer you are looking for. HDPE offers a large range of products, sizes, and colors to choose from so you will get exactly what you are looking for. High-density polyethylene sheets are the perfect solution for both residential and commercial projects. This material is durable, the colors are stable, HDPE can be customized and easy to clean. The material is perfect for all seasons and weather conditions and well beyond traditional lumber.

    These sheets are put through rigorous inspections for quality and consistency to guarantee they will meet the manufacturer's standards.