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Tree Root Blocker


SKU MM-HDPE-18-80-100

Our tree root blocker is made of heavy duty HDPE and designed to protect landscapes and hardscapes from damage from tree roots. The material is shipped in a 100’ roll (48" depth ships in a 80' long roll) which provides a long span without joints. This is a major advantage when comparing to other root barrier solutions which rely on panels which can be prone to root intrusion where the panels connect. The root blocker is available in roll widths racing from 18” to 48”. The material thickness is 80 mil which is able to stop even the most persistent roots from various tree varieties. It is recommended that an inch is left above the ground when installed so that surface roots can be quickly identified and clipped. The barrier provides an approximate 100 year lifespan when installed in the ground.

The material is manufactured in the USA.


Note: Our HDPE plastic is only available in roll widths up to 60 inches.

Please note that we are unable to provide custom roll lengths.

Product Info

  • Model: HPDE
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Size: Various
  • Free Shipping
  • Need a written quote? Request Online
  • Questions?  Call (800) 604-5537

Product Benefits

  • Waterproof
  • Commercial Grade
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-Biodegradable
  • Will Not Rot or Mildew
  • Resistant to Rodent and Insect Damage
  • 100 Year Material Lifespan
  • Made in the USA


  • All HDPE rolls ship for free (standard ground, see map)
  • Call: (800) 604-5537 for pricing and shipping questions.

    Shipping estimates shown on the map pertain to this specific product only. HDPE orders typically ship same day if the order is placed before 12:00 noon CST. Transit times displayed in the map are listed in business days, and are approximate. Transit times are subject to stock levels at regional warehouses.  The day that the order is shipped is not counted as a transit day.

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    HDPE Seam Tape
    HDPE Seam Tape

    HDPE Seam Tape


    Root Blocker Overview

    Ask homeowners who have trees on their property how valuable tree barriers are to protect their homes, sidewalks, and other structures from being torn up by tree roots.

    Homeowners love their trees for their aesthetic beauty, incredible shade in hot weather, and unlimited oxygen. While trees can reap havoc on all their structures and the foundations of their home, They want the best alternative for keeping their trees in great health.

    All said, understanding and appreciating root barriers to keep tree roots from causing even more issues is critical. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly install root barriers, it can lead to other issues and even kill trees.

    Because you are dealing with trees, you are also dealing with soil and how detrimental foundation damage caused by trees can be. Because we love our homes and the incredible trees on our property, we need to have good answers for keeping everything safe and out of harm's way.

    Tree in front of house

    Large Tree in Front Yard

    Suggestions For Installing Root Barriers

    Understand, the roots of trees do not just grow underground, they often grow on the surface as I'm sure you have seen with many of your trees. Make sure the barriers are installed above the surface with a depth that will prevent the roots from growing under the barrier.

    You should consult an arborist for good advice regarding roots and root barriers. Understanding the characteristics of tree roots will be a great help when installing root barriers. Beyond all else, you want to protect your trees and their root systems while protecting your home's foundation from a catastrophic outcome when the roots meet your foundation.

    The value of your home and the surrounding area is critical when you decide it's time to sell your home. Your trees play an important role in the value of your home. You want to ensure they are healthy and safe for many years to come. Good maintenance will help make that a reality. Proper pruning and trimming will keep your trees healthier and help them continue to grow. Trimming limbs or performing basic pruning, especially on large trees, should be performed by professionals, do not attempt to do it yourself. When it comes to a tree's root system, make sure you work with a company that fully understands the installation of tree root barriers for the well-being of your foundation and your trees.