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Sediment Filter Bag


SKU MM-DS-24-24

The Sediment Filter Bag is a high level storm grate filtration drop inlet filter. This product is an open top silt bag that is made to hang below the storm grate. It is able to filter very thick sediment filled stormwater. The suspended solids are allowed to settle out of the slowed flow and are captured by the Dandy Sack prior to entering the inlet. The sediment filter bag is easy to install, and has internal straps to add extra support and security for installation and removal.


Product Specifics

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Product Features

  • Affordable price
  • Super easy installation. No rebar required
  • Internal straps cradle the grate for added support and security when installing and removing
  • Two-foot containment area is manageable
  • Easily seen because it's fabricated from a bright orange monofilament geotextile


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Installation and Maintenance Guidelines


  • Remove the grate from catch basin.
  • If using optional oil absorbents, place absorbent pillow in pouch on bottom of the unit.
  • Stand the grate on end. Move the top lifting straps out of the way and place the grate into the Dandy Sack so that the grate is below the top straps and above the lower straps.
  • Holding the lifting straps, insert the grate into the inlet.
  • Maintenance:

    •  Remove all accumulated sediment and debris from vicinity of the unit after each storm event.
    • After storm event and at regular intervals, look into Dandy Sack. If containment area is more than 1/3 full of sediment, the unit must be emptied.
    • To empty unit, simply lift the unit using lifting straps and remove the grate. If using optional oil absorbents, replace absorbent pillow when near saturation.
Inlet Protection System Manufacturing

Dandy Sack in Production

Dandy Inlet Protection Systems

Dandy Sack is a high quality, and uniquely designed inlet protection product. It is made of safety orange monofilament geotextile which helps it to look new even after multiple uses. The suspended solids settled out of the slowed flow and then captured by the Dandy Sack prior to entering the inlet.

All Dandy Products are made in America.

Tips For Sediment & Erosion Control On Construction Sites

One significant part of construction site maintenance and inlet protection is sediment and erosion control. Taking proper measures to control runoff and protecting the surrounding area is important. There are several forms of defense for preventing runoff and controlling erosion. When used together - prevention, collection, and decontamination are very effective in eliminating the effects of sedimentary runoff, erosion, and chemical contamination often found on construction sites.

Sediment Filter Sock

Silt Sock at Jobsite

Sediment Runoff & Preventing Erosion

Preventing runoff includes using gravel on the site where dust has accumulated and then driven over by vehicles and heavy equipment. Installing gravel driveways will cover the dust and dirt reducing erosion. Also, along with gravel, protective textiles are often used to cover the ground and prevent dust and other debris from flying around. Another great preventative approach is grading the surface for controlling erosion.

Even though many actions are taken to prevent sedimentary runoff and erosion, there will always be a level of flying debris taking place on active construction sites. There are several ways sediment can be removed safely and not land in the storm sewers.

Silt fences are very effective tools for the collection of sediment runoff. Once the fences are installed, they are used as a filter weeding out sediment and debris that has washed down near the fence.

To protect the inlet, an inlet filter is used. These filters are offered in rolls or as a fiber sling hanging below the inlet collecting sediment and debris before it can enter waterways. These fences are friendly toward the environment because they can be used over and over and are very easy to install, maintain, and then removed once the job is completed.

There are several other reasons for protecting water from chemical contamination that is active on construction sites. Contamination comes from water runoff, by-products during construction activities, and from accidental spills.

Inlet filters offer absorption pads that are inserted into the filters. The pads have to be monitored and changed regularly for maximum protection from chemical contamination. These pads are very effective when used properly.

Erosion control at jobsite

Erosion Control Used at Construction Site

Storm Drain Protection

Storm Drain with Wattle

In Conclusion

As of late, construction sites have been pulling their weight by confronting erosion issues and sediments that are contaminating these sites. There are new products showing up for removing many dangerous chemicals and contamination found in waterways and runoff water in order to protect the planet and our environment. As new products become available, we will post articles and give you the low-down on what these products can and cannot do.