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Storm Drain Filter Inserts


SKU MM-DCS-24-24

Our Storm Drain Filter Inserts are a uniquely designed to keep silt, sediment and debris out of storm systems. Made by Dandy, this curb sack conforms to the shape of the curb and reduces the need to flush and clean inlets. This product is easy to install, reuse, inspect, and saves time and money. It can handle big and small jobs and can be reused multiple times. It's design allows it to filter sediment-laden water with ease. The suspended solids are permitted to stettle out of the slowed flow and are quickly captureed by the Storm Drain Filter Insert befor entering the inlet.


Product Specifics

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Product Features

  • Unique patented design keeps silt, sediment and debris out of storm systems
  • Conforms to shape of curb and delivers regulatory-compliance performance
  • Fabricated from a high-visibility monofilament geotextile
  • Reduces the need to flush/clean inlets for greater convenience
  • Sizes to fit any curb inlet for optimal storm drain inlet protection across the job site
  • Available with optional oil absorbents
  • Easy to install, inspect and reuse
  • Saves you time and money


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Installation and Maintenance Guidelines


  • Remove the grate from the catch basin and stand on end.
  • Move the top by lifting strap out of the way and place the grate into the Dandy Curb Sack so that the grate is below the top straps and above the lower straps.
  • Now position the top straps back in place so that they are on top of the grate.
  • Grab top straps and carefully insert the Dandy Curb Sack into grate frame.
  • Make sure cylindrical portion is up against the curb to prevent silt, sediment, and debris from entering inlet here.
  • Maintenance:

    • Remove all accumulated sediment and debris from vicinity of the unit after each storm event.
    • After storm event and at regular intervals, look into the Dandy Curb Sack. If the containment area is more than 1/3 full of sediment, the unit must be emptied.
    • To empty unit, simply lift the unit out of the inlet using the lifting straps and remove the grate.
    • If using optional absorbents, replace absorbent pillow when near saturation.
Dandy Curb Sack Diagram

Storm Drain Filter Insert Installation

The Best Ways To Reduce Erosion On Construction Sites

When the cleanup of construction sites begins, the biggest problems are filtering and sediment control.

Construction projects create twenty-two hundred tons per acre of erosion every year. This is a major concern in the construction industry. It's really important to understand how to help prevent erosion for the safety of everyone around the construction site as well as the effects caused on the environment.

The Consequences  Caused By Erosion

Erosion happens when nasty weather and large bodies of water are present. Both will lead to soil and sludge spreading quickly throughout a construction site. These elements can lead to toxins, sediments, and nutrients polluting waterways and streams.  Grading or altering undisturbed land will increase the erosion rate, resulting in the construction industry producing millions of tons of sediments every year. Due to building violations, construction sites run the risk of huge fines.

Erosion Control And Preventions

Erosion control can be done by combining various practices and having effective construction materials. Procedures to control erosion will depend on the type of construction site's activities as well as the site's condition. A grassy site with lower inclines will need less attention than a site with steep inclines and very large exposed areas.  One method is to limit the amount of disturbed soil to prevent runoff from coming from the off-site areas and flowing into these disturbed areas. When sediment is present during onsite runoff, it must be removed before it can leave the site and all state requirements must be met.

Protecting Inlets

To begin with, there are many different products available that will help to control and prevent these issues from happening.  There are many different inlet protection and sediment control products that can and should be used during construction cleanup including curb inlet filters, sacks, and bags. These products are specifically created to improve a healthier environment and keep construction sites safe, not only for the workers but for the people who are around the site who will eventually occupy this area as well.

There are so many benefits to using quality cleanup products offered by reputable companies. These companies can provide products that will help to keep the site as clean as possible as well as help to keep the water quality high and not become polluted by sediment in the runoff.  Applying these sediment control procedures and using professional filters are a big part of the solution that is now mandated by the government. Sediment and stormwater control are designed to protect the grates and drains from stormwater runoff that is loaded with sediment as well as toxic, harmful material.

Sediment and cleaning up construction areas have become a serious concern and should be addressed by taking the time to use the appropriate procedures and technologies. Using these practices to help keep runoff sediment free can keep these areas safe for people as well as wildlife while not being hit with costly fines.

Construction Site with Storm water drainage issues

Construction Site Needing Stormwater Protection